Tuesday, December 01, 2009

early x'mas gift

I still remember the other day when my mum asked me, "What do u buy this time? From Japan sammo.."
I was like, huh? from Japan? Are u sure? hahhaha
And then it caught me there... a package from Japan! LOL
Could it be... ?
yes yes... I was so shocked and happy and immediately I carried the package into my room to open it.

Woahhh... after unwrapping the smaller package, I almost got a heart attack. Couldn't believe my eyes.. oh my gosh.. GUCCI? I was thrilled!
It's a very very beautiful butterfly charm with tiny little diamantes. A butterfly.. how would he knows I love butterfly so much and how much am I associated to butterfly? Welll, he reads my mind well. =)
Will try to capture a perfect picture of it soon :)

Thanks alot Kuririn~~ u're such a great friend. ^^