Wednesday, October 29, 2008

BB Cream - i love

Girls, you can now live without your daily foundations or powders!!
Because... the HOTS are now at the new invention - BB Cream or "Beblesh Balm"

I actually got to try out my first BB cream last year when I got some samples of different types of BB Cream from a friend who frequents to Korea. Not too bad at all, I can say that it is a total replacement for your daily foundations. Gives great coverage, super blendable and flawless finishing. However, I did not go for it as I thought that the price was a little too high for something new like that and yeah, that particular brand is a bit too oily for my liking. But, it's normal that the BB Cream gives your face a dewy look and not matte. Good if your complexion is clean and clear of blemishes. Perfect dewy look is the look that I will always wanted to achieve. Hehs

However, I do not know from where or how that the BB Cream craze got to Malaysia and somewhat the girls are really crazy with those BB creams and we can see alot of different cosmetic brands are coming out with their own BB Cream. Just as what happened to mineral makeup back then when it was the best thing that happened when Bare Essentuals and Everyday Minerals are dominating the market. Just recently we can also see that Loreal and Revlon can't afford to lose at creating their own minerals too.

Of all that I've heard about BB Creams, I came across to a striking packaging of its type... In SHOCKING PINK! Can you imagine how superb a BB cream looks like in this particular packaging? Hats off to the designers and their marketing strategies. It really does caught my attention and I couldn't resist it and I got myself one. HAHHAHAHHA :D

This is how it looks like...

I seriously do not really know the full name of this product, so let's just call it as
"SUPER Beblesh Balm Triple Functions - PINK"

ooh.. correction. Just found out the full name of this product somewhere. It's -
HOT PINK Super Plus Beblesh Balm Triple Function
(why is there no pink color in blogspot?)

It is made in Korea, an obviously Korean product, by a company named SKIN79. Yeah, that's also the brand. It's quite a new product as it only came out last year somewhere in June. Why is it called the Triple Functions? Well, it claims to have the functionalities of:

  • Whitening

  • Ultraviolet rays interception SPF25 PA+++

  • Wrinkle Free

Other main attractions: Good oil control, contains Q10 that provides moisturization for skin & contains Aloe Vera that improve skin texture.

This product has excellent coverage and can totally replace your make up base or even your foundation. It can also correct your irregular skin tones, discolorations and dull complexion naturally. I've tried on it and I can say that I am really satisfied with the results~ Another reason for me loving it is because it does not gives me the oily feeling of a 'balm' unlike some other brands which I have tested and sampled before. It is suprisingly very light instead. If you're afraid that your face might look a little oily (which is dewy and nice if your skin is perfect), you can just finish your face by dusting some loose powder on top of it. :D

Just love it!


Some additonal info - if you can read Korean :P