Wednesday, January 02, 2008

relationship dilemmas

We humans face an incredibly difficult dilemma that we should call it the - intimacy conflict.
It consists of 2 desires that seems to be at odds with each other.

On the one hand, we want to be in a relationship, to feel we belong, to give and receive love.

On the other hand, we want to be free, single and not controlled by another person.

We want both closeness n distance, togetherness n seperateness, love n independence.

But each desire has its own disadvantages. In a relationship, we can be hurt n are responsible to one another. Here is where we lose our seperateness. But if you want seperateness, you will have to pay the price, which is loneliness.

We have our freedom but may miss the wwarmth of love. I believe we all experience this conflict but those who have had more emotional pain in previous relationships will experience it to a greater degree.


These are the fews of the impressive graphics from a friend's workshop..

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I love art and have always been an art person and sometimes I wonder have I chosen the wrong track in my life. I envy people who produced incredible and fine art. I wished I could be one of them and have my own masterpiece. This would be the carefree career that I have always wanted. However, I chose to go this way to face thousands lines of codes all the time and I can't say no now. Hmm.. so, just get over it eh? Nevermind, if only I can have the time.
Found some sites with total uniqueness of ideas and cool flash.

Mask, anyone?

Promoting one of the best selling masks in Taiwan at the moment.....I got a sample from a friend, and this mask is really good...+ affordable and definitely not gonna burn ur pocket. Effective as ever and is just as good as the expensive SK - II or Anna Sui or BioTherm hahhaa..
It's a collagen mask and it suitable for any skin type. AS u know how collagen is GooD to ur skin.. heheh, has the effect of 'brigthening' and not 'whitening', u can put on the mask everyday for rapid effects and i know it's annoying... but I still cant believe how cheap it is!! hheheheh.. Thanks for the sample anyway...

There's always a nice feeling after each time u pamper ur face with a mask. Refreshing and super clean and super smooth hehehe.. Gonna be addicted to it soon :P
Unfortunately, I don't think you can find this product anywhere local here as it is manufactured in Taiwan and is an Australian brand. Not market in Malaysia yet.. I guess?
Not bad trying this new product, I am satisfied with it. Recommend to u guys if u could find it anywhere. Btw, the brand is 'Dainty'.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

beauty a stereotype?

I just watched a taiwanese show during my dinner time. I think the title of it is 'Beauty' or Ciao! Bella.. Well, this show is basically about giving beauty tips for women and maybe a few of the men out there. This show is pretty amazing as they tell you what should you do with erm.., every part of your body to make them look good, well perfect as they said and maintaing the fairness of your skin. Ya..fair = beauty. Tell me exactly how stereotyped is that. And yes, i remembered in one of the episodes, a woman.. well to be polite, a lady, recommended a certain cream that she claimed worked well in lightening the dark skin of her nipples.. and she wanted to 'achieve' pink nipples.. ya.. you read me, pink nipples! I wondered, has she watched too much japanese hentai where all the girls in it have pinkish nipples??

This type of people are just so applicable to one of The Star article which is about 'the new breed of females - the stupid girls'.

The hostess of the show mentioned about some other girls which they happened to bumped into on the street and they judged each and every girl from their hair to their toe and the most is their face and skin and even their eyebrows and on how dry or how oily their faces are. Well, i wonder is being beautiful externally is so damn important until, the must have masks for their eyes, their forehead, their chins, their necks, hands, breasts, everywhere?? huh.. they must be the women with the most free time and money! And less time for some brains to work.

Their definition of a beautiful woman - fair skin, pores not more than 0.000001 nm, face without pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, freckles, neck without visible necklines, eyes without visible eyebags, no dull skin, perfect fair arms, soft arms, nicely-done manicures, and if can, more than D-cup breast size (i personally think that their size measuring has a big problem), small hips and the list goes on....... n in the show.. there is one particular word that is repeated again and again - "KE Ai~~~~ " which means cute here... It is so important that whatever you do, you have to be cute, ur clothes, ur makeup and looks, ur hair.. ur panties.. have to be just "CUTE". Well, in case they do not know what does cute actually means, or maybe the Taiwanese have different interpretations for it.

No offense here, but all these are just not my type. They are all those such typical and made themselves such weak ladies. They have just one aim in their life as a woman.. which is to dress up in their own pretty and cute way for a date and to make their men fall over and over again to their shells. Dress up, go for a date, boyfriend says you look pretty and live happily ever after.

sorry, but totally different thinkings here.

tian tian

"ying wei you huo, shuo yi you huo hua

yi wei bi he, maya shong cu yi jian shou suite

he bian he lun, hong tut tut, huang pian pian"

the best thing about those few lines of chinese poems, is the feeling when those words were uttered. Anyone who knows chinese will find them plain nonsense, but for me, those are really meaningful as there are only 2 people who wil understand the whole thing. Two faces facing each other gazing at each other's eyes.. The smaller one was cuddled as a baby by the bigger one. When the whole poem was decided and remembered, she pleaded him to write them down for she was afraid of forgetting them. He said those are plain no-meaning words and crazy but she insisted. So he got down from the bed to get a pen and some papers. He returned to the bed and laid beside her and was ready to write the poem down.. She looked at him as he was jottting down those words.. She felt happy and sweet not because of the poem, but the way he was willing to do such nonsense stuffs together with her. They had a good laugh the whole nite because of the poem...

These memories are priceless. The time u spent with your loved ones are equally priceless too. Do treasure every moment, think about them each and every time and you will laugh a little by urself or will be smiling the whole day...