Monday, June 22, 2009

happy father's day

i bought home a tiramisu for father's day.


i managed to catch dad before he went off to the shop
and he told me we're going to have lunch outside
at his friend's restaurant - the 'Lat Thong' place.
the place which i've heard alot about in blogs and i didn't know where it was
till sunday afternoon.
turned out, i knew this place all along, just that i didnt know the name.
this is the place i get my favorite peanut & cuttlefish porridge since like forever.
popo used to ask me to go tapao from there for her.
i simply love that porridge so so much that no other porridge can replace it.

dad ordered the famous Lat thong (a claypot of hot n spicy soup with fa lam yuk (pork layered with fat slices), the Fa Tiu Chicken and Zhu Kiok Shuen (Vinegar pork? I dunno. :P)

when we asked where r the veges? he pointed to the spring onions. Grrr...


actually, I still do not know what's the name of the shop till now.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kimchi Haru

Since Wolfie keeps plurking about how he was terharu by the auntie from Kimchi Haru, we pleaded him to bring us there again to see how haru haru is it gonna be. He said the food could be really addictive. Really?

There were 4 of us for lunch that day and Wolfie was the only guy. How lucky to be our ji mui huh? Haha.

The restaurant is on the upper floor of the shop selling magazines/ might be a 7-eleven, and is kinda small & cozy. Very nice and comfy. :)

After placing the orders, we were served with kimchi and salad. There are both refillable. *yums*

Our food (I can't remember the names in Korean and I left the receipt in the car):
mine- a pork belly chili paste broth & rice set, Wolf - Beef Bibimbap, Ju - fried kimchi bibimbap rice & G - fried glass noodle.

my banchan (side dishes) - potatoes, spring onion stem with dried shrimp & fried tofu

my rice and broth set - just nice, not too spicy nor sour, at least I wont feel jelak with it

beef bibimbap - according to Wolf, it's nice. That's it and I called it as 'dog food'. Haha.

Now I know why he was terharu the last time. He got terharu again for the second time at this visit. The auntie was indeed real nice, she called us some Korean handmade pancake on the house and smiled so sweetly at us. Awwww...

Overall, it's really recommended to go for a try, but it might not have that authentic taste and it's not a Korean BBQ place. Therefore, no many many side dishes given. A nice and quiet place for lunch, not too expensive either.

Monday, June 15, 2009

lomo effect

Lomo Photography Attempt



I have a mission,
a mission to tie my hands, to stop the itch and urge of buying more stuffs.
this is crazy, why is it so damn hard?
My muscles are aching so bad,
so bad till it's really hard to walk and yes, I lose the interest in walking around the shopping mall, and most importantly of all, I lose the interest of shopping. haha. how ironic.
Finally, I cut my hair on Saturday.
Looked for Eva again, too bad she doesn't recognized me.
it's a good thing for me, cuz, I don't know,
I just have this phobia or fear of some stranger knowing me
and having to pretend that I know her so well.
She told me her stories of how she was dumped by her ex boyfriend,
she said that she was sad and she cut my hair for 3 rounds.
Thank god I think my hair still looks okay.







Discovered a place that sells excellent Portugese Grill.
Fish is nice, lady fingers are nice, rice is nice.
The secret? I would say the chili sambal.
It's really one of a kind and this is the best of the portugese grills I've tried.
Yumss... a must try!
Location: Oasis foodcourt, MidValley.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chocolate Lounge - 1U

While it was still under renovation, I already have high hopes for this chocolate lounge as I thought it could be a place where you can get all the best chocolates. How naive. But I still think that when you name something so expertly, you better be good at it, else it's just cheating. Hmmphf..

I can't really remember exactly when did we came for this in 1Utama, but it was on a weekdays lunch where G and I went to Topshops, Dorothy Perkins, etc to shop after ordering our Tiramisu. Poor guys have to wait for us with our tiramisu staring at them.
The tiramisu didn't meet my expectations and I thought that it tasted weird. The boys ordered chocolate drinks which I think were really rich and kinda good. Might come back again, maybe for the drinks only but not the cakes. :)

*chopped off wolfie's head here =P*

*our not so nice Tiramisu*

Haji Samuri Satay Kajang

Honestly, I've never tried Haji Samuri satay before eventhough I'm from Kajang, hahahs.
Of course I've tasted satays, but all the while I've been a loyal supporter of Restoran Malaysia Kajang's Satay.

So, on Wednesday night after work, my ex colleagues Ray, ChingYin, Emily and I made a last minute decision to try out Haji Samuri Satay Kajang in Damansara Uptown. I was so excited as I thought that I could try the exotic satays - satay arnab, satay rusa, satay bla bla... However, to my disappointment, they only served chicken and beef. They erased all other satays off the menu :(

My verdict? Not so nice as compared to the ones I had back in Kajang's Restoran Malaysia. The peanut sauce is alright but the textures of the meat are so so.. Suprisingly, the price is still the same where each stick is priced at 60 sen as I thought the price has increased.