Thursday, April 22, 2010

Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie (old vs new)

New one, old one, which is the better one? Which is the one that fulfills your fantasies?

Majolica Majorca came out with a newer improved version of their old Skin Lingerie. The new one somehow has the additional "Pore Cover" to it's name. Oh, it also claimed to have SPF20 PA+

The older version works fine for me at the beginning or should I say for the first half of the bottle.
Somehow, I do not know why, when the product run low, the quality dropped too. I was sad at that time as my first impression on it was, "it really does control oil and make my makeup stay matte for at least until the end of office hour, which was considered to be good." However, that is not the case anymore when the product came to about about 20% of the bottle. *I'm still wondering why though.. maybe it's just that my skin has become oilier?*

Anyway, I got myself the improved version - Skin Lingerie Pore Cover around last weekend and I've used it for a few times by now.

Product description:
"Makeup base that instantaneously creates smooth skin by concealing those pesky open pores and red cheeks"
"Fills in the skin's uneveness to create a flat surface for better foundation application"
"Helps control shine and oiliness for long lasting finish"
"Improves skin appearance"

My verdict, I think this is slightly better than the older version. This comes with SPF20 PA+ and it gives a little coverage unlike the older version which was translucent. I guess this very much depends on each's preference though.

And, the most important question, "Does it really cover pores?"
My answer: "Slightly."
I would say it does cover pores, but it doesn't really make my makeup last that long for me. Especially on the nose area. :(
Oil control wise, I would rate it 3.5/5.

Have you tried this? ;-)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

sneak peek + teaser of studio shots

Did this out of random for a friend over the weekends and it was fun!
My photographer friend claimed that it was an eye opener for him too. Hahaha~

The pictures are yet to be released but I have some of the backstage scenes and some teasers too. Oh, and my EOTD too *wink*

DIY studio + lightings setting

a candid/ testing shot before the real shooting :P

close up shot

my FOTD after the shooting

my EOTD *my very first dramatic false lashes*

hope you all enjoy the pictures!
feel free to comment/ criticize *wink*

Friday, April 02, 2010

MIA + Coffret D'or CM eyes

It feels like it's been a long long while since I last posted anything.... XD
I have to say that this has been a really really busy period for me. Projects come one after another at work, and I had to jump from one client's site to the other. Working till late hours for almost everyday for the past months and I am just so tired!
Work aside, I moved into a new place just 2 weeks ago.. was busy and I was really busy with moving into a new place, buying some new furnitures and stuffs...

Well, enough of all the rantings, I finally get to make some time to actually post something here.. :P
I decided to give my Coffret D'or CM eyes pallete a showcase, finally. This is also because I managed to snap some pictures of my eye wearing this pallete just last weekend. =)
This has been my all time favourite natural looks pallete as I find it really subtle for daytime and night time too. Very versatile indeed.  *wink*

This is Coffret D'or CM eyes in 01- Orange Brown mix


wearing CM 01;
Coffret D'or CM eyes 01
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Majolica Majorca Lash Expander