Thursday, December 31, 2009



How would I summarize this wonderful year?
Well, at the beginning of the year 2009, I was being told that it would be a really bad year for me. Or as the Chinese said, "Fan Tai Sui". Therefore, my mum brought me to the temple and prayed a number of Gods so that it will not be that bad.

I wonder if that actually worked. If you ask me, I wouldn't be emo and list out all the unpleasant things or feelings. I told myself to be positive. I didn't really make any resolution for 2009 and I can't complaint much! :D

Hmm, let's see.. I hope I can be really honest and truthful here. I tend to not let out everything here but I'll try this time.

  • The year started off with a new job with total different environment, different people, different culture and different job scope of course. I was quite happy for this one cause at least, I get bigger paycheck every month than my previous job. Haha. I was glad to be able to join the SAP family. Career wise wasn't really that bad at all. Come to think about it, at least I was involved in projects in this economy crisis. However, things started to slow down real lot till now. I'm waiting for the right time and chance to make a move, though. =/

  • With bigger paycheck, I have a bigger buying power and there goes my hard earn bucks. hahaha. Well, no regrets although I tend to pamper myself a little too much in cosmetics and skincare, clothes and shoes, especially killer heels that some are still kept in the box without having the chance of being worn out. :P  Worst is, I tend to buy lots of expensive gifts for the people I love. I said yes to whatever my mum wants. Huh... I don't really know if this is good after all...

  • Family. I believe things are getting better and better when we get older. Hahah. I enjoy spending time with them, eat out with them, going home and just laughing at everything with them in the living room :D

  • I actually had my very first surgery this year too. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing though. Somehow, the feeling is bizarre and for the first time too, I liked the doctors and the nurses and the place there. Experienced how was it like to go under General Anesthetic and now I'm laughing on how foolish I was to think that I will never wake up again after that. Anyhow, going under this surgery made me lose my navel piercing! I had to take if off since I was going under GA and I couldn't put it back again. That was sad, but oh well...

  • Friendship wise, I think I scored here. First of all, I was introduced to this online community - Plurk, and I made some really nice and close friends. I do think they are really very nice and friendly people. Secondly, I made friends with some beauty bloggers all over the world! Although we're not really that close yet since I'm not really a full time or a famous beauty blogger, but I do hope to have stronger bond with them and spend more time giving comments and so on. I've also made some real Japanese friends! Especially Sho, this guy is seriously one guy that I respect and I felt touched on his sincerity and on how he take our friendship ever so seriously. I truly treasure this guy alot. =). I've also made some effort to keep in touch with some old close friends. Sorry for being busy all the time and not finding more time to keep in touch with u guys...

  • Relationship wise, I got back together with my bf of 5 or 6 years back this year after we broke up last year. I never see this coming at all and I'm letting everything to go on its on flow. Can't say that we just got back together like this without any effort, but after all the pain and turbulences, we realized what's the most important thing. =)

  • In between of that, I met a guy, and this guy was so special, so special in a way of how he made me feel after such  a long time. I've never been attracted to a person as much as to this guy for so long already. Let's see... I think the right word would be "Infatuated". Hahaha.. call me crazy but I have to admit that I was really attracted and fell heads over heels for him. Maybe I just miss the feeling of being 'chased' by a guy and him, really treated me like his everything.  Friends told me he's just fooling around, but well I don't feel that away.. at least I know, at that moment, everything was real. Sad thing is, we both know that we can't possibly be with each other because of different nationality, differeny culture and etc.. Although it was a really really short "relationship" or "fling", it remains in my heart till today. These sweet memories will be kept forever in my heart. "I'm a puppy" =)

Vivi inspired look

After reading a number of ViVi magazines, I'm totally amused by the famous Taiwanese / Japanese Gyaru look. Really girly, kawaii and innocent looking. hahahha. This is not a look that I'll go for normally. But anyhow, I was so inspired that I tried to achieve that kinda look. Tell me I don't look retarded here. LoL

I felt funny as I did this look after I came back from a lunch date with my dearest GG friend. =)
*Oh, why don't I just go out looking like this? Well, I think it might scared the shit out of him* HAHAAH

Anyway, the makeup items that helped alot here are:

  • Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie
  • L'egere BB Cream
  • Everyday Mineral Loose Powder
  • Coffret D'or Blusher - Pink
  • Shiseido Crayon Eyebrow pencil - auburn
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • NYX eyeshadows - Copper Brown, Champagne, Cottage Cheese
  • Kate Gel eyeliner - Black
  • False lashes (upper and lower) - Taiwan
  • Vaseline (to prep the lips)
  • NYX Round Lipstick - Tea Rose

Monday, December 28, 2009

NYX lippies

swatches of my recent NYX lipsticks haul;

Iris, Margarita, Tea Rose and Snow White

Iris - this is a very beautiful peachy nude color with a little hint of shimmer. I picked this over Circe as I think Circe would make me look really pale and sick. This one here just looks perfect. =)

Margarita - mixture of warm pink and peach. Not too bright and not too dark. Just perfect for Asian's skintone I guess. This has a hint of shimmer too and I somehow feel that the application of it is not as smooth as other NYX lipstick tho...

Tea Rose - my first impression of this is Eww.. the color is so pale.. but after awhile.. i'm loving it more than anything else. =) This color is just amazing and surprisingly enough, the texture is ever so smoother than any of other NYX lippie. I think this suits for everyday use also and very versatile.

Snow White - OOh... I chose to have this color coz I think I have to have at least one Really RED lipstick. Hahahha.. Actually, I don't really wear dark color lipsticks and I normally go for lighter shades or nudes. But this one here captured my heart as it's really the bloody red color. Just like Blair's red lips. Haha!

This is my second purchase of NYX lipsticks and no doubt, I think I'm gonna get more colors hahaha.. They are just so cheap but with very high quality. It's a steal!

YSL Rouge Volupte

YvesSaintLaurent Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15.
I love this lipstick! Enough said, me thinks. <3

Got this as a Chirtmas gift from a very very great & close friend, mmwaahhh!
Being the usual me, I can't help it but to do a swatch of the color. My friend bought me the color that I wanted too, which is Tender Peach (no. 26). The best thing is, I am touched as he looked for it all around KL and too bad, this colour wasn't brought into Malaysia yet. In the end, he had to order it online. So much trouble of getting me this precious gift. Thank YOU!!

Therefore, this post is dedicated specially for him... =)

This lipstick is seriously the "IT" thing that every beauty blogger is raving about. I thought of getting it few months ago, but somehow, it's too pricey for me, well too pricey for a lipstick me thinks.
Anyway, I'm so glad that I have this in my hand now. It's texture is really really moist and it's as though the lipstick just melts on your lips upon application. Very very creamy but at the same time looks matte on the lips. It feels really luxurious too. =)
The color is really pigmented and it is exactly the same as what you can see from the tube. And I have to say this, Tender Peach is a great color! The perfect nude-coral color on me. Loves it lots.
It doesn't really have a strong smell or fragrance but it does tastes sweet! Seriously! I was a little surprised too when I swiped my tongue on my lips once.

I officially declare this as my HG lipstick now *big smiles*

Btw, here's the swatch.... *had to edit the photo a little in order to show off the true color*

thank you so so much! Domo arigatou~~

Saturday, December 26, 2009

x'mas hauls

Just collected this package from the post office this morning.
happy happy!

Merry X'mas, everyone!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

cant wait for xmas

Window shopping in Pavillion is depressing. Shrugs.
Went into Prada hoping to see and feel the new "scallop" wallet but too bad, M'sia is a little slow in getting all the new stock. Same goes for cosmetics as well. =/
While walking around with all the beautiful decorations, I seriously feel that Xmas is so so so near.. can't wait for get-together and more gifts exchange! =)

Anyway, this is a swatch of the Coffret D'or Shine Drape Rouge (Glow) Lipstick in OR-102. It's more of a dark reddish coral rather than a peachy coral to me.

I'm all Coffret D'or look that day. Hahahs. The eyeshadow I was wearing was from the Coffret D'or Summer collection '09 - CM Eyes Orange-Brown mix. However, I  used only 2 colors at this time which is the light beige and dark brown at the crease. Not too smoky for a day's look right? =)

Cant wait for Christmas to arrive. I can sense that it would be a joyous and beautiful christmas this year, full of love *smiles*

Taken at Pavillion, KL

Monday, December 21, 2009

Kanebo Blanchir - Milky Conditioner

My first encounter with this product is when the SA in Kanebo gave me a sample of this Milky Conditioner along with the whole set of Kanebo Blanchir when I purchased a whole bunch of Coffret D'or and Lunasol cosmetics a few months ago. I have been using this for a month and then I stopped as I experienced some breakouts which I found out later has nothing to do with this. And I've continue using it again at the beginning of this month after my skin got back to its normal state.

I feel like reviewing this particular Milky Conditioner first because I think it's the best and the one that I am really fond of the most from the set that I received.

Well, from the name itself, I have no idea on what is it the first time. I was thinking that it might be a lotion or an emulsion where you apply it after the toner. So, to be precise, I went to Kanebo's website and have a check on it. Turns out, this is suppose to be the 2nd step of "double moisturizing" after the usage of Clear Conditioner (will review this later on).
**Just a note: The Japanese practices "Double Cleansing" and "Double Moisturizing" in their skincare routine where you'll have to double clean and double moisturize your skin. =)

From the site, it says "Seals in moisture and whitening ingredients for bright skin with a beautiful texture"

The website also provides a Usage Note where it shows you on how to use the product the right way to get better effects.

As for me, since I've not been using it that religiously, I think it's fair for me to say that I don't really see a big difference. However, I do feel my skin got softer and brighter than before. And yes, my skin does feels more hydrated than ever and no more dry skin peeling off.

The texture of this milky conditioner is somewhat like an emulsion that looks yellowish, like condensed milk. The smell is a little funny in my opinion too... Not the fragrance type of smell, just a little funny. *if you get what I mean* Anyway, that doesn't really bother me much. I would say that it is quite light and not oily at all after applying it to your skin. It tends to feel sticky at first but after few minutes, I could feel as though everything is absorbed into the skin and I love "bouncing" my skin after that.. skin feels very supple too. =)

I think most users of this will agree with me when I say the packaging is not so brilliant. It's quite a trouble to pour the lotion out as there is no pump and it's not a tube. Plus, the plastic bottle is hard and sometimes my palm gets painful when I need to shake and pour it out.

Anyhow, as long as the product is great, I could live with the hassle of pouring out the lotion. Hahahahs.
I think this skincare range is widely available in all Kanebo counters unlike Lunasol where you can only get it in Isetan. This is a high end product and therefore, it's a little pricey which I think it's around >RM150 for 100ml. Pricey, but worthy for me. Worth to give it a try! :D

**More of Kanebo Blanchir's skincare range reviews to come! =)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

farewell + birthday + syokshock

Jonny is leaving us in A**** finally... Hoooo...
Good thing or bad thing? No more driver, no more cheapskate partner for lunch, etc.. hahhaha
Anyway, I personally think that it's a little funny to celebrate someone's farewell and birthday together.
What is this farewell goodbyes things and happy birthday at one go? Hmmmm....

Anyway, we went to TGI Fridays after our seats are soaked in rain water at D'Italiane Kitchen, Jaya33. Not too bad after all since TGI has the birthday crew. They scared the hella out of Jonny. LOL!!!

Belgian Choc cake from Cake Sense. Something different from the normal SR.
Tastes very yummy and soft. Thumbs UP! =)

"oh no, what the hell are they gonna do next??!!!"

Jonny looks like a real little boy here.. hahahs

So, someone brought over some Chocolate Condoms for the birthday boy in case he got lucky that night. LOL

Anyway, since the night is still young, Wolfie and I went to Brussels, JayaOne for some drinks. Nah... he can't cheat me into taking the Forbidden Fruit again this time. Hahhaha. I had my new cocktail, Julianna Blue, which appeared kinda childish to me coz it's too huge and too BLUE. :P
Don't get me wrong, I'm a "Martini" kinda girl so this Bluish cocktail is a little too fancy for me, but nevertheless, it tasted great of Malibu + Rum, I think. Not a bad choice at all =)

He also brought along this Cigars and started smoking in front of me. Cant help it, but it's funny. Hahahs. It completes the "Mafia" look with no effort at all! *Oppps, :O*

The new cocktail I tried - Julianna Blue

After Brussels, we head to Mardi Gras, where me, thinking and hoping to be able to catch the long - awaited Fashion Show again. Again and again, I missed it. What the @#$%??
Hmm, apart from that, this picture concludes the night tho. Oh ya, I hurt my toe too that night!
Painful as hell and I cant really walk properly and I think I saw blood too..
While driving home after that, I saw a few cars after an accident and that was quite bad. I thought God might have buy some time with me hurting my toe so I won't leave that place in order to skip the accident? Hmmm... talking bout self-comforting.. =)

HG mascara - Majolica Majorca Lash Expander

I have to say this, one of my favourite mascaras of all has to be this precious Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus. I have been using this since last year and I've restocked my second tube just last week again =)

Why I love this mascara so much... well, let's let the picture do all the talking, shall we?

From my experiences of using this particular superb mascara, I've realized that there are some certain tips or tricks that one should note while using this mascara. Else, you might not have use it to it's fullest advantage and end up not liking it so much or doubting it by "what's so great bout it?". hahahahs.

Well, allow me to share some tricks for you to get the best out of this product by these simple steps:
- curl up ur lashes by using an eyelash curler
- *optional (good to have)* apply eyelash base (the "white color mascara")
- apply the first coat with the "backbone" of the mascara wand from the root of your lashes to the tip.
  This is to "push" the lashes up and strengthen the roots and keeps the lashes sky high all the time. =)
- apply the second coat with the front part of the mascara wand with "zig-zag" movement and while u're reaching the tip of the lashes, pull up the mascara wand in a way of pulling the lashes to lenghten them.
- wait for ~5-10 seconds for the mascara to dry up and apply another coat. (best if you have an eyelash heater  this will heat up the mascara applied and the lashes' curl will last longer)
- and you'll end up with great looking lashes after that! ^.^

Apart from reviewing this mascara, I've also done a FOTN where this is how I look like when I was heading out for a farewell + birthday dinner of a friend in TGI Fridays.

Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie
L'egere BB Cream
Everyday Mineral - Shady Lady

Cyber Colors Eyelash Curler
Urban Decay Primer Potion
MAC Pigment - Copperized
KATE Gel Eyeliner - BK-1
Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus - Black

Burts' Bees Beewax Lipbalm
Coffret D'or Shine Drape Rouge Lipstick - PK-237

Thursday, December 17, 2009


An evening photoshoot outing in KLPAC, KL

Chiffon summer dress - Taiwan
CL inspired black lace-up oxford - Orange Little
Black pearl necklace worn as bracelet - flea market
Silver Big Loop earring - flea market
Bag - Longchamp

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

PattyAnne - Levi's

Went for my appointment with my dearest doctor this morning and again, the routine, take off, lie down, touch touch, laugh laugh, talk talk, pakai!

HAHHAHAhhaha.... sorry if that sounds obscene. =p

Well, I don't know.. I wanna try to go to a topless beach someday.. I've gained lotsa courage from this experience here. =D

Anyway, went to Gardens, MidValley to do some x'mas gifts shopping... yeah.. I have 2 gifts in my mind at first and as I walked around the place... I found more stuffs for myself! :O
The horror began....

I bought a pair of Levi's new arrival jeans.. the Slim PattyAnne jeans... Maybe you don't read what am I saying here but this is the Red Tab jeans that I must have.. erm, want to have. I thought I looked fabulous in the changing room with that pair of jeans on and yeah.. I bought it!

Here u go...

Things I hauled back today with me.. Excuse me if you find some stuffs are funny stuffs.. some of them r actually gifts... Ooopss..
The box covered by the white plastic bag is also another x'mas gift.. will disclose that soon. Haha..
Garnier Men Aqua Fuel + Rexona Men Limited Edition are xmas gifts for a metrosexual that I don't really know. Well, I'm his secret santa this year. ;-)
Mandom Eye Makeup Remover and Majorlica Majorca Lash Expander Mascara; both for me, the feathery stuff is for my retro costume and the Levi's jeans-obviously for myself =)

all the stuffs here cost RM500++. Can u believe it?

My supper - singles KitKat with only 45 Calories. LOL

Friday, December 11, 2009

FOTD: playtime

Went out today for playtime/ photo shooting session with a friend in KLPAC, KL.
Didn't know this place is developed by YTL... This place is seriously huge but empty and unutilized in my opinion...
Anyway, let's continue to the FOTD or EOTD.. =)

excuse the stone look.. I kinda like this look tho.. hahahs.

Lunasol Control Makeup Base 02
Lunasol Water Cream Foundation
Majorlica Majorca Pore Cover Powder as loose powder/ setting powder

Daiso eyebrow pencil - dark brown
Urban Decay Primer Potion
NYX Ultra Mania Pearl Pigment - Sky Pink
MAC Pigment - Museum Bronze
KATE Gel Eyeliner - Black
Flamingo Dual Mascara

Coffret D'or Shine Drape Rouge in PK01
Coffret D'or Lipgloss in PK01

Close up of EOTD
I wanted to create a softer look for the day and in order to achieve that, I only lightly line the eyes and did not use a darker shade of eyeshadow for the crease. Is this okay for a daytime look? =)

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

MAC pigments! AAhhh

what a surprise!
Beautiful! beautiful and very pretty pigments from MAC.
Thanks for the early x'mas gift, Joshua ~~

<3 them lots!

Sunday, December 06, 2009

How bad can it be?

I don't know if it's the time yet for me to sum up this year...
I guess that sometimes, we can't stop ourselves from being supersitious or believe in the old's sayings..
This is definitely a bad year for me and it was already predicted for the Chinese that when your zodiac sign is  same as the year, it's a really bad year for you. This is the Ox year and I'm borned in the year of Ox. So yeah, it's a bad year.

I'm normally not so supersitious and I don't really care and will just accept whatever that is thrown to me.
God? I don't if I believe in one... Maybe sometimes, when I was just desperate for something to happen badly.. Sometimes, I don't even know to whom did I prayed to. Sometimes, I just played with my own mind, played with myself unconsciously. Am I the mastermind of all?

The beginning of the year seemed to be alright for me, till things started to turn a little different from not bad to bad and from bad to worse.. and the list goes on.
Will it stop when the year stops?
I hope so...

It's not too much to ask to be just happy, right?

However, I'm really grateful that I've made a few really great and close and true friends. I'm really really happy for that.. Apart from that, yeah, my relationship with my family has gotten better compared to few years back.
And that's it.. other than that, everything is bad. And mind you, my world is not just full of boy-girl relationships and that's not the only thing that will make me upset.
I'm really upset on how things turned up... especially my career and my $$..
It seems like the more I saved, the more I need to fork out the $$ for some unexpected things. Perhaps my friend's dad was right, it's just not the year to do some savings. Arghhh...

Many have been asking this for a long long time, "why does the closest person to you hurts you the most?"
HAhahaHaha. I wished I have the answer and the solution.
Till now, this minute, I still do not understand why and the funny thing is, I don't know why would I be hurt so much. I think I just wanna give up in talking.
It sucks.
I just feel like crying out loud for all these bullshits that are happening to me till this minute.
I tried and I almost choked and nobody is there for sad.
I cried and I cried, till the moment I forgot what was I crying about and started laughing.
Life.. isn't it a funny thing?

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

dec the holy month

Yes, December has always been my favourite time of the year and still is.
I love it so much coz it's such a beautiful month where places will be decorated full of x'mas mood, nice weather (although there's no snow or winter in my country here), people buying gifts for loved ones and close friends, receiving gifts (the happiest), christmas dinners, get together with family and friends, and lots more!

The year is ending soon... I hope it will end well...
let's hope for it... it's just the beginning of the month now.

early x'mas gift

I still remember the other day when my mum asked me, "What do u buy this time? From Japan sammo.."
I was like, huh? from Japan? Are u sure? hahhaha
And then it caught me there... a package from Japan! LOL
Could it be... ?
yes yes... I was so shocked and happy and immediately I carried the package into my room to open it.

Woahhh... after unwrapping the smaller package, I almost got a heart attack. Couldn't believe my eyes.. oh my gosh.. GUCCI? I was thrilled!
It's a very very beautiful butterfly charm with tiny little diamantes. A butterfly.. how would he knows I love butterfly so much and how much am I associated to butterfly? Welll, he reads my mind well. =)
Will try to capture a perfect picture of it soon :)

Thanks alot Kuririn~~ u're such a great friend. ^^