Monday, December 21, 2009

Kanebo Blanchir - Milky Conditioner

My first encounter with this product is when the SA in Kanebo gave me a sample of this Milky Conditioner along with the whole set of Kanebo Blanchir when I purchased a whole bunch of Coffret D'or and Lunasol cosmetics a few months ago. I have been using this for a month and then I stopped as I experienced some breakouts which I found out later has nothing to do with this. And I've continue using it again at the beginning of this month after my skin got back to its normal state.

I feel like reviewing this particular Milky Conditioner first because I think it's the best and the one that I am really fond of the most from the set that I received.

Well, from the name itself, I have no idea on what is it the first time. I was thinking that it might be a lotion or an emulsion where you apply it after the toner. So, to be precise, I went to Kanebo's website and have a check on it. Turns out, this is suppose to be the 2nd step of "double moisturizing" after the usage of Clear Conditioner (will review this later on).
**Just a note: The Japanese practices "Double Cleansing" and "Double Moisturizing" in their skincare routine where you'll have to double clean and double moisturize your skin. =)

From the site, it says "Seals in moisture and whitening ingredients for bright skin with a beautiful texture"

The website also provides a Usage Note where it shows you on how to use the product the right way to get better effects.

As for me, since I've not been using it that religiously, I think it's fair for me to say that I don't really see a big difference. However, I do feel my skin got softer and brighter than before. And yes, my skin does feels more hydrated than ever and no more dry skin peeling off.

The texture of this milky conditioner is somewhat like an emulsion that looks yellowish, like condensed milk. The smell is a little funny in my opinion too... Not the fragrance type of smell, just a little funny. *if you get what I mean* Anyway, that doesn't really bother me much. I would say that it is quite light and not oily at all after applying it to your skin. It tends to feel sticky at first but after few minutes, I could feel as though everything is absorbed into the skin and I love "bouncing" my skin after that.. skin feels very supple too. =)

I think most users of this will agree with me when I say the packaging is not so brilliant. It's quite a trouble to pour the lotion out as there is no pump and it's not a tube. Plus, the plastic bottle is hard and sometimes my palm gets painful when I need to shake and pour it out.

Anyhow, as long as the product is great, I could live with the hassle of pouring out the lotion. Hahahahs.
I think this skincare range is widely available in all Kanebo counters unlike Lunasol where you can only get it in Isetan. This is a high end product and therefore, it's a little pricey which I think it's around >RM150 for 100ml. Pricey, but worthy for me. Worth to give it a try! :D

**More of Kanebo Blanchir's skincare range reviews to come! =)