Sunday, November 09, 2008

shoes weekend

suprisingly enough, this weekend ends so soon. I was exhausted from the shopping on Saturday in KL, and the night support issues that finally happened to me, when my colls said that I am always lucky and will still will be lucky. Guessed that 'my fate' is very 'siu hei' and can't be praised or else it will just go away. Hmm... I woke up at 2++ am and another round was at 4++ am. Felt so frustrated as I was really soundly asleep and I was so tired from the whole day shopping.
Talking about shopping spree, who doesn't like it? Looking for bargains and sales and also, scouting for the items and designs that I want.

Got myself more pairs of heels and the one that I love the most will be the Black Maryjanes that looked so classy with two tiny straps to be buckled up. Worth the $$, if you'd asked me. =)

Unlisted by Kenneth Cole - Club Style, $45.00

Mine looks something like this (found in Internet), just that it is in plain black.

(was lazy to take pic of mine and upload it here)

I actually also saw a pair of heels that resembles to a Nine West that I once considered to have but in a hold right now, and of course, the one that I saw was not made of leather but boy, the design I would give it a 90% match. The Nine West pair costs around RM300 and this pair I saw, is just less than RM100. I didn't get it tho, preferred the Nine West more and also, I've hit my budget for heels of the day..

Nine West Olavera in Black (100% leather)

I was also looking for Oxfords that looked something like these, but just could not find the right one for my senses. =(

These are just too expensive for me right now

Max Studio - Zanzibar (100% leather)



Moschino Cheap & Chic Grey Patent Bootie (100% patent leather, Made in Italy)

$485.00 = RM 1600++!!



Via Spiga - Ramble (leather + patent leather)



Nine West - Omygosh (100% leather)


oxfords fever right now~