Sunday, January 31, 2010

OOTD + FOTD + new club "The Opera"

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear a club with the name, The Opera?
Hahahs. For a moment, I thought it's gonna be some theather like club where there's a huge stage with big red curtains and of course, performances or maybe some acting? LOL! I thought of Phantom of the Opera too.. the man with the mask "I think his name was, Erik?" And I remembered I was asking my roommate, who happens to work under the company that owns the club, "Isn't that weird?"

So.. I went to check out the newly launched club in town with a bunch of friends. I had to work overtime that night too, which resulted in going to the club with bad hair + i-am-in-a-rush makeup. Anyway, this was my look that night. =)

That was actually my friend's fedora I was posing with. I still cant get to find the one that I want till now..
A quick one here on what I used on my face.

- Lunasol Control Makeup Base
- Lunasol Water Cream Foundation
- Majolica Majorca Pore Cover Powder
- ELF Golden Bronzer - highlight & contour shade
- Coffret D'or Blush - BE15
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance - *a must if you're going to a club*
- MAC pigment - Copperized
- KATE Gel Eyeliner  - Black
- Majolica Majorca Lash Expander mascara *I don't have time to curl my lashes that night.. resulting in not so nice and not so long lashes.. =( *
- NYX Round Lipstick - TeaRose *my lipstick gone from my lips in this picture. I think that was after drinking some beers*

Anyway, back to the club, there are all together 4 floors with different concepts where the 1st and 3rd floor (dance & stunts) are interconnected and the 2nd floor is kinda hidden and quiet. Suitable for intimate dates imho. Haha. While the 4th floor is the rooftop kind of bar.. something like LunaBar or Skybar.

I still don't really get it on why so many people keep saying that the place sucks. Well, for me, it's decent enough as a place to chill and drink with some close friends.  Maybe not so much of dancing as there's no dance floor around. And yea, I have to admit that the performances *chinese acrobats - plates balancing, body balancing, hoops, ropes, etc* were kinda weird though. I thought there'll be continuous stunts the whole night, well maybe not the whole night but during the happy hours? But every stunt lasted for about 5-10 minutes every 30minute-1hour. Hmmm...

Some of our pics that night:

I think I might go back again just to chill with some very close friends =)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mascara: Flamingo (Taiwan)

I actually found and have been using this mascara since 2008 and I fell in love with it. I think this is my 3rd tube now.
I also did a blog post on it at that time but it wasn't really in detailed as I wasn't really into beauty blogging at that time too. You can refer to the post here -> Flamingo (2008)

This mascara gave me my signature look at that time. "The girl with thick and long lashes". Haha.
I still remember how my ex boss used to compliment my eyes alot at that time too. :D

Anyway, as per request by Blair, I'm doing a proper review on this lovely pair of mascara again.
Flamingo mascara is a 2-way mascaras. Normally we have the base and the mascara, but this one here, we have the "fibers" and the "transplanting gel". Very well named I thought, as it really "transplant" your lashes. haha..

Flamingo Transplanting Gel - Step 1
After curling your lashes, apply 1 coat of this and let it dry for a few seconds.
Recommended to apply for the other eye too while waiting for it to dry.

Flamingo Fiber - Step 2
Apply this one after a coat of the transplanting gel. Apply as quickly and neat as possible because if the fibers get into your eyes, its gonna irritate alot.
Tips: Do not blink your eye after applying this. *if possible*

Step 3 *sorry I forgot to snap the step by step pics*-
Apply the 2nd coating of Transplanting Gel as soon as possible after you got the fibers on your lashes.
Repeat to get thicker and longer lashes.
Sometimes I got scared of the length.. especially if I'm heading to the office. Haha.

Results *after 2 coats of fiber and transplanting gel* :

I'm sorry if this looks messy or clumpy.......The reason is, I have this mascara for almost 1 year already! yeah.. I know I shouldn't keep a mascara that long...but I didnt wanna throw it away until I get a new one. :P
So, to be fair, if you get a new and fresh one, your lashes wouldn't look as clumpy and as messy as this.
And, your lashes will be much longer than this one too. *trust me on this, ;-)*
It's just that my mascara is already drying and dying on me now.. :(

Amazing length huh? The lashes look much longer in real life.
Give it a try now! =)

p/s: what I love about this mascara:
- gives you amazing long lashes (you can continue with 3-4 coats to get the longest lashes you want. *it can go crazy* Haha)
- you can remove it by just using warm water & your facial cleanser! Yes... just wash your face like normal and the mascara will be washed off too! *big smiles*

Friday, January 22, 2010

Mandom Cleansing Express-Makeup Remover

Mandom from Japan.
I don't know if this is a popular brand but I have heard quite alot about it.. particularly on the star product - Cleansing Oil. It was such a fateful day when I discovered this brand in our local Watson's store. My first thought was, I saw and heard alot about this Cleansing oil before! However, I didn't get the cleansing oil because I think my skin is pretty sensitive to oil cleanser... the previous Kanebo Blanchir cleansing oil gave me breakouts. =( *still wondering why*
Therefore, I wasn't really brave enough to try out another brand of oil cleanser yet.

Anyway, I bought the makeup remover instead. This makeup remover is especially made to remove eye make up only I guessed. It's a little too oily for lips though.

So, it promises "to be gentle on your eyelashes". My verdict? True, it's very gentle indeed. And boy, this product sure removed every single bit of ur mascara and eyeshadow.

Imagine from this...

to this.....

everything's transferred to the facial cotton pad! :D

What I did was dabbing the facial cotton with the makeup remover on it on the eyelid for about 5 seconds. By that, you could see that about 80% of the eyeliner and eyeshadow will be on the cotton pad already. Next, gently massage on the mascara-ed eyelashes to remove the mascara bit by bit.
It doesn't irritate nor any pulling is needed *if you get what i mean* haha.

This also gives you a neat cleansing experience. A few swipes and you're done. Plus, it's not that oily too, compared to most drugstore makeup remover, eg. Maybeline.

Monday, January 18, 2010

MAC pigments Holiday '09

I realized I haven't do a proper swatch on this beautiful set yet.
Here you go, ;-)

Copperized, Museum Bronze, Rushmetal, Jardin Aires, Reflects Gold

I personally love Copperized, Musuem Bronze and Jardin Aires alot. I think that's because the colors are more versatile and suitable for daily usage, or maybe easier to mix and match with. As for Rushmetal, I don't really get to use this much, well maybe that's because I find the color to be "too outstanding". Perhaps I'll try to go out with a glamour look one night. :P

The 4 pigments here share the same texture which is very smooth and blendable. Don't be fooled by the large particles of the pigments. There are really really soft and of course, pigmented as well. The colors standout well too.

The 5th tube is actually MAC Glitter, and not pigment. I don't really use this much at all. That's mostly because I'm not such a glitter person. However, I kinda like this glitter alot too because there are no fall outs and the glitters stay put and will not transfer to everywhere or all over your face. Haha. I think I might used this glitter on my body and hair though.

Here I tried to play around with the pigments, trying to create a washed out golden bronze look, the one that we often see on catwalk models or magazine. Haha. Hope it's not scary... :P

Sunday, January 17, 2010

EOTD - Cleopatra inspired

Remember the MAC pigments I got as an x'mas gift from a friend?
There were 5 colors in that Holiday set and I've used 3 of of the 5 colors.
There's one particular color, Rushmetal that I didn't really use that often.. I'm actually still thinking of how should I wear it out.
So one day, I fooled around with it and in just a second, I thought of Cleopatra... I don't know why... haha.

I didn't really do such an exaggerated look here, but I think it's dramatic enough for me to go out looking like this. haha.

pls excuse the messy brows and no mascara lashes.... haha... I think I was not wearing any foundation in this picture too and I'm in my pajamas. LOL.

Stuffs I used here:
Too Face Shadow Insurance
MAC Pigments - Jardin Aires for the whole lid
MAC Pigments - Rushmetal for the crease *which is also the color I'm experimenting here*
Coastal Scents Gel Eyeliner - True Black

ELF Golden Bronzer - darkest shade to contour my lower cheek

FOTD - Jazz with Sharizan (again, :P)

I did a soft smokey look for a night out for jazz with Sharizan in Alexis, Jalan Ampang KL last night.
Sharizan was again as awesome and there were more good looking guys in his band this time around! haha.
For those who wants to know more about Sharizan (Malaysia's King of Swing & Jazz), goto Sharizan

I was in quite a hurry yesterday night as I went out for shopping from morning till the evening and I forgot to line my eyes. >.<

Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie
Skin79 BB Cream
ELF Complexion Perfection
ELF Golden Bronzer  - hope i can review this asap coz it's great! =)

Shiseido Crayon Eyebrow pencil - auburn
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Coffret D'or CM Eyes 01 (used Beige and Dark Brown)
Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Mascara

NYX Round Lipstick - Iris
Coffret D'or Lipgloss - PK01

I've also adapted a new way of applying foundation with a brush, which I hope I can do another separate post on it. This way gives the air-brush effect and I think skin looks more polished and dewy. Plus, with highlighting tricks here and there, your face will seriously glow! :D

This picture shows better with my highlighting jobs done on the nose bridge and my cheek bones. I've also used the darkest shade of the Bronzer on my jaw lines. By this, your face will appear more "in shape" haha.

During the day, I was even lazier. I went out with my BB cream on, Coastal Scents gel eyeliner (which smudged on me again and I was really really disappointed at it) and Tea Rose lipstick. And, it was a good hair day too. =)
This was my FOTD.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Japanese snacks

A Japanese colleague brought back a lot of snacks when he got back from Japan for new year. I took quite a handful of snacks for myself back home, haha.

some of my personal favourites:

Dark chocolate biscuit.. this is so unique! a biscuit and a layer of choco. with a ship! hahah.

wasabeef potato chips

And there's another one which is the Ume flavoured potato chips.. Oohhhh I love that one so much... A colleague ripped open that one in the office and I didn't get to snap a picture of that.. Don't even know what's the brand... *shrugs*

The one that I don't really like cause I think the taste is a little disturbing...

Coastal Scents vs KATE gel eyeliner

I just got my new gel eyeliner from Coastal Scents in True Black last week. I did some swatches of it and actually wore it out for 2 times and to be honest, I was pretty upset with it.
I just don't get it.... there are so many great reviews about this. Coastal Scents' gel liner is infamous for smudge-free and superb pigmentation.

From the website:
"Gel Liners

24 rich in color Gel Liners have arrived, these apply with ease using an angle liner brush. We were sure to pass out samples to several of our testers who have used these for 2 months. Application is easy, has the ability to design and be creative, lasts all day without smudging or creasing and are highly pigmented."

Before I go into any conclusion, I did a quick comparison between the KATE gel eyeliner I'm currently using now with this Coastal Scents.

Coastal Scents ($6.95 for 3.0g) & KATE ($15-17 for 2.5g). Obviously Coastal Scents is way cheaper here.

Upon application, I have to say that both have almost the same smooth texture. But of course, I've been using the KATE for almost a year now and the CS is brand new. Well, to be fair, KATE might be smoother a year ago.. The gel has gotten drier after a year long.

Pigmentation wise, CS wins hands down. I personally prefer CS' pigmented black rather than KATE's. This KATE that I have, have some tiny glitters on it and I don't really favour them so much.

So, judgement time!
For the smudge test, I started off by using my bare clean and dry finger and I did a quick swipe over the 2 swatches. TO MY HORROR... CS smudged like crazy here. *I was really really shocked, because I actually had some high expectations on it*. Oh well, I couldn't really believe myself that time. On the other hand for KATE, it didn't smudge at all. =)

Look at the picture on how much that CS gel liner smudged... *plain disappointment here*

It got worst when I swiped it with my Mandom makeup remover (will review this soon). I was really really upset with it.. =(

So, my take on it;
Yes to pigmentation, No to smudge free *most important point for a gel liner*, Yes to smoothness.

While I still stumbled upon the quality of this particular gel liner, I went to to look for the product review and yes, I found out that there are some people who were experiencing the same problem as I did. However, majority were saying that these are smudge - free. Why...?

Have we gotten the bad batch? =(
Unlucky me...

p/s: I still think the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner I used to have few years ago is still the best. =)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

NYX Megashine Lipgloss

I got this NYX Megashine Lipgloss in Smokey Look in my recent NYX haul (to be exact, last year). This particular lipgloss has got alot of great reviews especially from the US counterpart but I was hesistating to get this because I'm not really a lipgloss person. I really hate the sticky and greasy after feeling on the lips. And also, I get really irritated if my hair sticks on it too.. >.<

But after getting to know from a friend, who is also a beauty blogger from Taiwan bought this and raved about it, I thought of giving it a try to. And she asked me to trust her that this is not so sticky like any other lipgloss.

So, this one here, is pretty special as I really think that it is not sticky at all. My lips didn't feel "heavy" too and I just love to reapply it over and over again. I think I went crazy too when I just put it on randomly when I was chilling in my own room. Haha

Why Smokey Look? First impression, I thought it was a darker shade of lipgloss, but after seeing the color and wearing it, I think I get it. It's the perfect shade for a smokey look, or to be paired up with smokey eyes.
I've tried this look myself and I really think it's a great color. The gloss applied on top of Nude lipsticks is just the perfect match. However, one thing though... I find the smell to be a little too strong for my liking. It smells kinda like cough syrup tho.. :/ Anyway, the smell didn't really lingers that long for me to hate it. Hehs.

without flash

with flash ON

Megashine Lipgloss is a more expensive line from the normal Round Lipgloss. I think it's retailing at $5 online,, It's a little expensive but fret not, they always have discount/ SALES. :D

Saturday, January 09, 2010

doodle time at BoatHouse, TTDI

*we are a Happy Family~*

Doodled by my colleague during lunch time in a very cozy restaurant, where they supplied crayons on the table for us.

Since this restaurant's interior caught my eyes, I think it deserve a post here. =)

boatHOUSE Restaurant, in TTDI, Kuala Lumpur.

let's start with some pictures of the interior.

the food that we ordered.....
(didn't manage to snap all the dishes. This is super difficult when you're dining with very hungry people. Haha)

Mushroom salad - thumbs up!

Cempedak (Malaysia's local fruit - something similar to jackfruit) chicken -
this is something very new to me. Smells really nice of fried cempedak, and the meat was really juicy and sweet. However, the minced chicken was kinda bland..

Seafood platter combo - not mine, but the person said that the portion is too small for him and the food was just nice.

The name is.. The Late Breakfast set. Haha. - this looks yummy and was really yummy. Don't think that these can go wrong with the taste. :P

Lastly, my Grilled Mint Lamb Slivers, wrapped in I don't know, the waiter told me "Potato Skin" ??
Well, this one here was not really that tasty. The lamb was dry and bland.. :(
However, the fries and coleslaw were yummy.

They also serve bottomless in house Fruit Punch for every set that you ordered. I personally think that the food here is just mediacore but this is a nice and cozy place to hang out with some friends for catching up. I think it's also a pub when night comes.