Monday, January 18, 2010

MAC pigments Holiday '09

I realized I haven't do a proper swatch on this beautiful set yet.
Here you go, ;-)

Copperized, Museum Bronze, Rushmetal, Jardin Aires, Reflects Gold

I personally love Copperized, Musuem Bronze and Jardin Aires alot. I think that's because the colors are more versatile and suitable for daily usage, or maybe easier to mix and match with. As for Rushmetal, I don't really get to use this much, well maybe that's because I find the color to be "too outstanding". Perhaps I'll try to go out with a glamour look one night. :P

The 4 pigments here share the same texture which is very smooth and blendable. Don't be fooled by the large particles of the pigments. There are really really soft and of course, pigmented as well. The colors standout well too.

The 5th tube is actually MAC Glitter, and not pigment. I don't really use this much at all. That's mostly because I'm not such a glitter person. However, I kinda like this glitter alot too because there are no fall outs and the glitters stay put and will not transfer to everywhere or all over your face. Haha. I think I might used this glitter on my body and hair though.

Here I tried to play around with the pigments, trying to create a washed out golden bronze look, the one that we often see on catwalk models or magazine. Haha. Hope it's not scary... :P


Blair said...

They swatch so beautifully! IMO, MAC Pigments from their holiday sets are very worth getting.

LOL if I do receive more awards/tags, I'll pass them to you =D

Blair said...

Pricing? Depends... Canmake is even cheaper compared to Malaysia. And there are items there that you can't get here, so a slight mark up (if there's any) is perfectly reasonable.

Oops, just edited my post to add the Gmarket link in =D

ning * star said...

i heart those shades, very lovely
oh, talking about the falsies, i didn't purchase falsies as I'm so sucks in putting on falsies. haha
I got them from GWP from a friend.
but i think if u google search, the falsies brand is Black Cherry, all made from real hair
I also don't have a particular adhesive, I use whatever adhesive that comes along with falsies. Black Cherru doesn't comes with glue. I'm using Shisem glue from Shisem flasies

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog :) and your nice comment. Those pigments are soo pretty, the colours show up so nice and pretty and so sparkling!!!! :)

shaynaJo said...

Thanks alot for the lovely comments and support! *hugs*

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

so pretty! jardin aires looks gorgeous <3