Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mascara: Flamingo (Taiwan)

I actually found and have been using this mascara since 2008 and I fell in love with it. I think this is my 3rd tube now.
I also did a blog post on it at that time but it wasn't really in detailed as I wasn't really into beauty blogging at that time too. You can refer to the post here -> Flamingo (2008)

This mascara gave me my signature look at that time. "The girl with thick and long lashes". Haha.
I still remember how my ex boss used to compliment my eyes alot at that time too. :D

Anyway, as per request by Blair, I'm doing a proper review on this lovely pair of mascara again.
Flamingo mascara is a 2-way mascaras. Normally we have the base and the mascara, but this one here, we have the "fibers" and the "transplanting gel". Very well named I thought, as it really "transplant" your lashes. haha..

Flamingo Transplanting Gel - Step 1
After curling your lashes, apply 1 coat of this and let it dry for a few seconds.
Recommended to apply for the other eye too while waiting for it to dry.

Flamingo Fiber - Step 2
Apply this one after a coat of the transplanting gel. Apply as quickly and neat as possible because if the fibers get into your eyes, its gonna irritate alot.
Tips: Do not blink your eye after applying this. *if possible*

Step 3 *sorry I forgot to snap the step by step pics*-
Apply the 2nd coating of Transplanting Gel as soon as possible after you got the fibers on your lashes.
Repeat to get thicker and longer lashes.
Sometimes I got scared of the length.. especially if I'm heading to the office. Haha.

Results *after 2 coats of fiber and transplanting gel* :

I'm sorry if this looks messy or clumpy.......The reason is, I have this mascara for almost 1 year already! yeah.. I know I shouldn't keep a mascara that long...but I didnt wanna throw it away until I get a new one. :P
So, to be fair, if you get a new and fresh one, your lashes wouldn't look as clumpy and as messy as this.
And, your lashes will be much longer than this one too. *trust me on this, ;-)*
It's just that my mascara is already drying and dying on me now.. :(

Amazing length huh? The lashes look much longer in real life.
Give it a try now! =)

p/s: what I love about this mascara:
- gives you amazing long lashes (you can continue with 3-4 coats to get the longest lashes you want. *it can go crazy* Haha)
- you can remove it by just using warm water & your facial cleanser! Yes... just wash your face like normal and the mascara will be washed off too! *big smiles*


Bea said...

is the mascara easy to remove?

amynaree said...

wow this mascara sounds awesome! i have short stubby lashes so definitely want this!

PixyEla said...

Wow that's really cool, your lashes are sooo long!! I want it!! Where can I buy this mascara? :D

shaynaJo said...

@Bea: sorry I forgot to share that, maybe I was too excited with the pictures and sleepy at the same time last night. Hahha..
Yes, it's the easiest mascara to be removed ever! Just use warm water & cleanser and the mascara will be gone. =) *i've juz updated that in the post*

shaynaJo said...

@amynaree: yeah, you should give this a try, I have short & straight lashes too. ahaha

@PixyEla: I bought this from a seller who deals with a supplier from Taiwan... Maybe I could ask for you...? =)

Catherine said...

Wow, that does look pretty amazing! Do you know where I can find this?? It looks like it thickens amazingly!

Out of curiosity, have you tried the Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl? That's the one I'm using right now and it seems to have the lengthening down pat in one step instead of two... but it doesn't really thicken at all. Maybe a little easier for everyday? It's a bit of a pain to take off though and so far I've only found one m/u remover that does it well (the green L'oreal one).

ning * star said...

wow, but don't u think it clumps up when u coat it more than 2 or 3 layers?

Eva said...

WOW! the mascara makes you lashes so long! thanks for following me love your blog I'm following too ^^

shaynaJo said...

@Catherine: hi, thanks for ur lovely comments. No, I haven't try KISS ME Heroine mascara yet... that's the next thing I wanna get and try. I heard alot about it too =)

shaynaJo said...

@ningStar: hi dear, yes, it clumps a lot in that picture.. but that's also because I've been using this mascara for almost 1 year! HAHhaha... but when it's still new and fresh, it didn't clumps the lashes as much as this... and the application is very smooth.
it's a little too late for me to do this review i guess?

acutelife said...

HI, im a follower too!! thanks for following me, I definetely will stick around your blog ;)
I dont use mascara daily, unfortunately I feel uncomfy with it despite the fact it lighten up the eyes :p

K said...

long lashes!

I'm following you too!!!

rae630 said...

I tried a mascara like this before. It was also from Taiwan. I really liked it!! But I was clumsy and sometimes get the fibers in my eyes!! hahahaha! thank you for following my blog! I'm definitely following your blog!! <3 Rina

Lulu said...

wow impressive!

have you tried kiss me heroine mascaras? those are my fav right now. but sometiems i hate how the fiber kinda falls off and hurt my eyeballs, lolll

Blair said...

it does look a bit clumpy :( but it gives you amazingly long lashes woot!

Yumeko said...

wow it looks amazing
i am definetely going to have to check this out!!

Jaime Dollaga said...

Hi ShaynaJo! thanks for the sweet compliment on my blog! You're so sweet. wow that mascara makes ur lashes super long! and it comes off with soap and water? thats pretty cool. most of the time i need baby oil to get makeup off.


lindah said...

the length looks great :) I want to try out this mascara now! LOL :X I am the ultimate mascara junkieeeee haha!

BTW, I use DUO lash glue. It can be purchase at MAC but I got mine at cvs. But I am not sure what country you're in but I know it's available online too ^_^ I am planning on posting a lash tutorial video soon.. grr if I can only stay in frame!

Lavender said...

where did u buy this?

shaynaJo said...

Lavender, hi dear, I bought this online tru some gals on LYN forum =)

LyNn said...

hey girl
how much is this
and which seller you bought from a?
cause they say got fake ones
but yours made your lashes really long and beautiful
would love to order from the same person you bought from