Sunday, January 17, 2010

EOTD - Cleopatra inspired

Remember the MAC pigments I got as an x'mas gift from a friend?
There were 5 colors in that Holiday set and I've used 3 of of the 5 colors.
There's one particular color, Rushmetal that I didn't really use that often.. I'm actually still thinking of how should I wear it out.
So one day, I fooled around with it and in just a second, I thought of Cleopatra... I don't know why... haha.

I didn't really do such an exaggerated look here, but I think it's dramatic enough for me to go out looking like this. haha.

pls excuse the messy brows and no mascara lashes.... haha... I think I was not wearing any foundation in this picture too and I'm in my pajamas. LOL.

Stuffs I used here:
Too Face Shadow Insurance
MAC Pigments - Jardin Aires for the whole lid
MAC Pigments - Rushmetal for the crease *which is also the color I'm experimenting here*
Coastal Scents Gel Eyeliner - True Black

ELF Golden Bronzer - darkest shade to contour my lower cheek


freshelle said...

love the winged look! definitely a good night time look =)

thanks for your comment. yea, vic beckham is SOOO anorexic skinny. i hate how she keeps saying she ISN"t, but obviously IS. how can someone be that skinny!!!

shaynaJo said...

thanks.. i hope i dare to go out with this look. Definitely will get lotsa stares at my place here. haha!

xin said...

nice try! btw your skin looks so flawless even without foundie! *jeles*