Friday, January 22, 2010

Mandom Cleansing Express-Makeup Remover

Mandom from Japan.
I don't know if this is a popular brand but I have heard quite alot about it.. particularly on the star product - Cleansing Oil. It was such a fateful day when I discovered this brand in our local Watson's store. My first thought was, I saw and heard alot about this Cleansing oil before! However, I didn't get the cleansing oil because I think my skin is pretty sensitive to oil cleanser... the previous Kanebo Blanchir cleansing oil gave me breakouts. =( *still wondering why*
Therefore, I wasn't really brave enough to try out another brand of oil cleanser yet.

Anyway, I bought the makeup remover instead. This makeup remover is especially made to remove eye make up only I guessed. It's a little too oily for lips though.

So, it promises "to be gentle on your eyelashes". My verdict? True, it's very gentle indeed. And boy, this product sure removed every single bit of ur mascara and eyeshadow.

Imagine from this...

to this.....

everything's transferred to the facial cotton pad! :D

What I did was dabbing the facial cotton with the makeup remover on it on the eyelid for about 5 seconds. By that, you could see that about 80% of the eyeliner and eyeshadow will be on the cotton pad already. Next, gently massage on the mascara-ed eyelashes to remove the mascara bit by bit.
It doesn't irritate nor any pulling is needed *if you get what i mean* haha.

This also gives you a neat cleansing experience. A few swipes and you're done. Plus, it's not that oily too, compared to most drugstore makeup remover, eg. Maybeline.


ning * star said...

does it able to remove majolica mascara?

shaynaJo said...

yaya, i use MJ mascara too. Just rub and swipe gently, all the mascara will be removed =)
don't need to rub hardly till irritates ur eyelid hehehs.

Blair said...

I might give this a try! Your fault for giving it such a glowing review haha XD

Yes I have :) You can check out my Gmarket hauls here:

You have to do some scrolling though, I crap a lot about Gmarket haha (yes I always browse there ;D)~ Shipping starts at 10,400 won and it depends on the weight of the items.

PixyEla said...

Hey there, thanks for your comment. ^^ No problem, you can bug me anytime haha. The Laneige cleanser works WONDERS!! It does NOT leave your face dry at all, in fact it's sooo soft and glowing after you use it. Oh!! I forgot to mention it on my blog but it has a nice citrus ~ lemon & orange smell. Not too strong so I like it. I hope that helps. :)

Lulu said...

oo this sounds really good! I tried their face one before, but never the eye makeup remover.

shaynaJo said...

Hi lulu, yeah, i wanted to try the Cleansing Oil too, but i think my skin is sensitive to oil cleanser... so, dare not try yet...
btw, thanks for dropping by and for following my blog! =)

Blair said...

They ship everywhere, not to SG only :) Canmake? You can purchase Canmake easily in MY, why purposely buy it on Gmarket?

You should get a cbox, I feel like I'm always spamming your entries with comments haha~

Glam-Me-Up said...

Your blog looks great!
And about the acrylic.. the key to getting them to last is making sure you dont get any on you r cuticle when your applying it. If you get in on there, they will lift. Also making sure your nails are bare and clean and have primer on them before you apply.
Its difficult but you'll get it with practice! The first time I did it it came off after a few hours! Bad I know...but you get better!
Good luck!

freshelle said...

woo will definitely give this a try. i saw this at a local korean supermarket. it's pretty pricey in toronto hopefully it works for me.

thanks for your comment! the vitacreme b12 works great on my neck. i started to see a little imporvement at the end of week neck was softer and it LOOKED lighter...which helped diminish the look of the lines..but i would say at around end of week 3/beginning of week 4 i saw the big difference. the lines are noticeably lighter and not as apparent. i hope it's not a placebo effect tho and it's actually long lasting!

Anonymous said...

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PixyEla said...

You're welcome!! You should follow me back so we keep updated!! :)

GirL With GLasSes... said...

hello shayna =)

tnx for following me.
wow! you have a lot of posts and your blog is interesting.


the Muse said...

love me some mandom :-D

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