Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Japanese snacks

A Japanese colleague brought back a lot of snacks when he got back from Japan for new year. I took quite a handful of snacks for myself back home, haha.

some of my personal favourites:

Dark chocolate biscuit.. this is so unique! a biscuit and a layer of choco. with a ship! hahah.

wasabeef potato chips

And there's another one which is the Ume flavoured potato chips.. Oohhhh I love that one so much... A colleague ripped open that one in the office and I didn't get to snap a picture of that.. Don't even know what's the brand... *shrugs*

The one that I don't really like cause I think the taste is a little disturbing...


Blair said...

Japanese snacks!!! Me likey =D

eki said...

Hi~ ohhh those snacks looks yumm! thank you for stopping by hun <3