Wednesday, May 20, 2009

may 20th 2009

happy 24th birthday.
24 is not such a big number right? =)


pink rose


candle blowing

*will update more later*

Sunday, May 03, 2009


playing with my black Secret be@rbrick series 17 for the weekend..

my other be@rbricks..


some other secret designs for series 16 I saw on display for sale the other day really gave me a lil shock. they cost a bomb compared to the released designs. goodness. the price is hiked up to i think from let's say RM20 (normal price for released designs) and for those secret designs which were released (which means you don't have depend on your luck to get the design you want) can cost as high as RM 200. And we're just talking about be@rbrick 100% here and not the 400%. The very example of this is the one here.

Supposingly this is the naked bearbrick, inspired by marilyn monroe as per said.. =)

hmmph.. now i value my black Secret Kubrick Be@rbrick more.

one more thing, i will not stop hunting for my first love - the Gold Cartier LOVe be@rbrick..

Saturday, May 02, 2009

balmain jackets

As I've said before, I really do love the spring season. I always feel that this season never failed to bring in extraordinary styles.

The fashion world is now so chaotic with the new Balmain Military style jacket. Look at those shoulders. The shoulders somehow reminded me of my primary school teachers (in the 80s - 90s) who wore their coats with thick shoulder pads. But of course, this Balmain looks edgier than ever and brings out the man in any woman who is wearing it. This certainly creates a tough and rugged look on heels and lipstick. At least, this is what I thought. =)

The quote from the picture says "The Shoulder: All hail the new erogenous zone. Shoulders are the focal point for S/S 09 season, as seen in the beautiful architectural tailoring of Balmain jackets. "

Celebrities that were spotted with their Balmains on..

Does Rihanna resemble alot to Micheal Jackson here? haha.

pics credits to NYMag, Red Carpet, Profashionelle, ElleUK, etc.