Sunday, October 03, 2010

i'm back! + Liese's Bubble Foam Hair Dye

apology for being MIA for so so long. Has been caught up with work and projects and finally now, i'm taking a short break and am back here! =)


Anyway, I bet u girls have heard of Kao's latest hair dye product - Liese and the famous Bubble Hair color!
I picked up a box for myself since I am so fascinated by the idea of dying your hair just like how u're shampooing. Haha. Sounds fun ain't it?

My last visit to the hair saloon was during right before Chinese New Year early this year. Yes I know it has been a long long while. And, my roots are showing and I just realized how ugly the black roots are after I snap some shots of it. Urgh.. I planned to darken my hair though and I was stucked in deciding for either Dark Chocolate or Chestnut Brown. I heard from alot of people saying that you should choose a shade or two lighter than the shade that you actually want for these kinda DIY hair dye.

Therefore, I've chosen Chestnut Brown and we shall see...

Sounds fun? Looks fun? I would say, definitely!

 Things you get from the box

Pour 2 into 1 and *invert* the container back and forth *gently*.... to avoid bubbles forming!
I didn't really read the instruction properly and I shook the bottle too soon and too fast..
So this is what I get:

 Whole bottle full of bubbles.  >.<

And I saw this too late.. ahaha..  Well, fret not, because...

We have this! I smiled at this one because out of a sudden, I felt that they really understand their customers! *thumbs up*

 Foam dispensed out. Cutes.

Cute bubbles!! ^^

Lather and massage your hair till you get a really thick foam covering your whole head. Yes as you can see, it's a really really messy business! Hahahahha. I got all the dye all over my face. >.<
But no worries, I washed it off with just my normal facial cleanser and I got myself a clean face again. :D

A little patience is needed when you first started applying the foam onto your hair. The foam kinda gets absorbed by your hair and you really need to do it again and again. My biceps got really tired too. After about 10mins standing in front of the mirror massaging my hair, I finally see foams on my hair and it gets thicker and thicker after that. That's where the fun part comes! Haha.

As much as I love the process, there is one thing I hate about it which is the smell. Erm, not so much on the smell but how the hair dye stings my eyes. I got teary eyes during the "waiting" period for a good 45 mins.
So after 45 mins, (the instruction says 30 mins but I waited longer because I wanted the color to show more) ... taa Daa!

From this:
*note the very dark roots*


To this...
 hair was still a little wet

 all black roots covered perfectly!

I personally think that the color payoff is really awesome and out of my expectations! I thought that the color wouln't turned up to be so bright and rich due to my past experiences of using DIY hair dye.
If I knew this earlier, I would have chosen Dark Chocolate instead because I actually wanted to darken my hair. Hmm,, maybe next time then.

Give it a try! I bought this at RM39.88 at Guardian. :D