Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Star: Majolica Marjorca Skin Lingerie

Okay, I think it's dangerous when I have lots of time to spend in the shopping mall waiting for someone.
What is wrong with me??
The other day, I went to some pharmacies in MidV hoping to restock my tea tree oil and also with the thought of getting the HadaLabo moisturizer lotion. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the HadaLabo there which I only get to know that it will be launched in Nov at night after that. And, I bought some extra things home with me. Also, I've spent more than what I've expected. I hated myself for awhile then...

So, there, I bought Garnier AquaDefense Gel moisturizer as the susbstitute for the HadaLabo lotion that I didnt managed to get, Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie and the Pore Cover Press Powder.

I've tried them on for a few days and my verdicts are:

Garnier AquaDefense Gel moisturizer:

To be honest, I didn't expect much from this brand at all after my not so good experience with the Garnier Light moisturizer (yellow tub). However, this gel moisturizer really exceeded my expectations. It felt light and cooling on the skin. Not leaving any greasy or oily substance at all. Perfect for Day/ morning usage before my makeup base or foundation. It's cheap and it's good. =)

Majorlica Majorca Skin Lingerie (my star BUY!)

I didn't know what was this until I read a review in one of the beauty blogs out there about this. Well, thanks to the creative name and my dull imaginations, I couldn't figure out what was this thing for. Haha... Come to think of it... yes, it is a skin lingerie... it's the layer that covers and protects the skin, just like our lingerie. hahahahs.
Well, this skin lingerie is actually a face primer or a makeup base. You apply it to the face right before the application of your daily foundation or powder. This one here works well on me. It's even better than my Lunasol Control MakeupBase I think. My t-zone stays matte till the end of office hour and this simply makes me happier than usual. A must buy me thinks.

Majorlica Majorca Pore Cover press powder

Why did I purchase this thing here? Well, I was thinking of getting myself some loose powder or setting powder to set the face after applying the foundation as my face mineral powder is running low. I ended up getting this after the comparison of all the brands I can find in Watsons. True, this is also the most expensive of all... but, also the finest powder of all.
After the application, skin looks flawless and nice and smooth. However, I think my skin really dislikes powder. It just simply does not go well with powder, no matter how good the powder is. Even Lunasol Skin Fusing powder foundation is not good enough for it. It gets a little cakey around my laugh line around after lunch. Or is it just me? I just can't stand my face looking so matte? Hmmmm... well, it's true that I prefer my face to be dewy and appears more natural. ;)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

i've been searching for u..

all this while..
it was a long long wait...

Finally, after so long, I can strike off the "wristlet" from my wishlist. I've been wanting to get one since like forever and it really did took me forever to get the right one. So much patience has been tested here. Finally and finally, I got myself one from Coach. It's the new Op Chainlink design with color combination of purple, grey and dark blue. This is just so brilliant and stylish and I fell in love with it at the first sight. I knew this is the one for me. This is supposed to be my birthday present from "someone". Thanks! =)

Next item, my oxford heels. I admit, I'm a very very fussy person when it comes to fashion be it my clothes, the shoes, bags, cosmetics and skincare. Especially shoes. A slight extra thing/ design on the heels and I won't wanna get it. I want exactly how my mind pictured it. Crazy? That's also why I've been searching and waiting to get the right one for so long! All I wanted was the most basic covered up laced oxford heels. However, people get too creative and came out with peep-toed, two-tones, or fat heels and even funny funny cuts here and there. Thank god I finally found something that my mind agrees with. *all smiles again*

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Uguisu No Fun

heard of it before?
Uguisu No Fun = Nightingale Droppings. It's really no fun.

I heard a lot about this famous "bird poo" facial and found out that somebody actually brought it to Malaysia.
Therefore, I couldn't resist to try.. hahah... got myself a free sample and i'm literally having some bird poo on my face now... Well, no joke.. it's smelly... and it's even worse when u wet it to make the powder into a paste. Smells really like poo. I'm constantly breathing with my mouth now.... Well, 10 more minutes to go before I can wash of it.

More info about Uguisu No Fun, feel free to check these out. Even Victoria Beckham is having this bird poo facial now. =S

1. chidoriyaworld - Uguisu No Fun (Nightingale Droppings)
2. Reuters - Facial with bird excrement...
3. Victoria Beckham loves Bird Poo facials

Okay, I'm off to wash off my face now.. Don't know if I can really see any difference on the first application.

The free sample that I get enabled me to do only 3 applications.
So far, I've only done it twice and both were in the same week.
My verdict is.. this is kinda great as I can see my face really brightened up and I can really say this because before this, my face kinda get tanned after all the roadtrips and holidays...
I'm the kinda person who's not really into whitening products so therefore, my skin didn't really turn white and stayed kinda tanned after that... But with lots of facial masks and this bird poo, my skin doesn't look that dark and dull and is brighter. Kinda satisfied, and I think with continuous usage, u'll get a really nice complexion.
I'm putting this under my wishlist or "things to get". Don't really have to budget to get a whole bottle of it right now.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

snap snap again =P

Last saturday was a quiet and lovely evening. After helping mum to get the clothes in, I took my lil red devil and snap around..

some shots i took....

purple flower
red fruits

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


i'm so so so so so in dilemma with my career now..
 in the midst of all these dilemmas and bad moods, i went shopping again.
Thank god this is a cheap trip. Haha..

These are what I bought last weekend. =)
I also bought a plastic "basket" to keep all my undies and stuffs, just to keep them organized. Feel happier when I see all my things are finally neat and tidy.

I don't know what's the brand of this eyeshadow pallete but it's made in Japan.
The brand is something in Japanese that I don't know how to read.
texture wise, very smooth and the colors are very dewy and shimmering.
very natural and romantic. :D

 hoping for a better tomorrow..

Friday, October 09, 2009

help! breakouts..

I don't know if I'm under some stress or hormonal change recently, but I'm having some really serious breakouts on my skin. I really really hate pimples and breakouts. I tend to get so depressed when they came out of a sudden and just won't go away. And the funny thing is, I don't have anything to counter the pimples. I don't have any acne stick, or acne pen, or spot remover, etc. Therefore, I have to fork out $$ and time to get something good that really works.

After some researches, I found out that Tea Tree Oil claimed to be the best remedy for this. Just one catch though, make sure you get the 100% natural tea tree oil and it would be the best if it's made in Australia as that's the origin country that produces this.

I thought of getting it from The Body Shop as that's the first place I can think of. I went to check it out and unfortunately, it's only 15% tea tree oil and it's made in France! Hmmmm... and the SA was not really that friendly, therefore I didn't buy it. That was a really wise decision as I found another brand of Tea Tree Oil in Watson's. :D
Yes, it's 100% natural Tea Tree Oil and made in Australia. And it's even cheaper than the one in TBS.
So, today marks the first day of my application of tea tree oil to combat the breakouts... let's wait for the results.



The brand is Thursday Plantation and you can visit this link for more info ->

Actually, I've been wondering what might have caused the breakouts....could it be..
the new Lunasol foundation?
or the make up base itself?
or the powder?
it can't be the Blanchir range... can't be my HG BB cream.. can't be my toner.. hmm...

Tea tree oil really works a wonder on those pimples!
the stubborn and huge pimples subsided just in around 2-3 days. You can see them dry up and after the dead skin peeled off, your skin is smooth again.
I'm happy with the results and I have been dabbing the oil on the congested area every night and day now.
And, I think I found out the reason for my breakouts... Turned out, it's the cleansing oil and my skin is sensitive to cleansing oil.. I think my skin is not so suitable for the "double cleansing" regimen.. hmmm...

Thursday, October 08, 2009

happy birthday, papa

Happy birthday to you, papa..
You're always and forever my hero,
and I'm still and will always be your little girl.


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

october babies =)




Kate Glam Trick Eyes Pallete in BK-1.

Sister's birthday present... I think this is the most expensive birthday gift I bought her so far.
Bought this color for her since she's so into smoky black eyes.

Honestly, I really really felt like swatching the colors on my hand or try wearing them on my eyes. But of course, I managed to stop myself from doing that else she'll hate me and love me at the same time. Hahahs. Cant wait to give it to her and see her reactions. :D
What a good big sister I am... :P

Another expensive birthday present, Gundam Exia Ignition Mode, MasterGrade 1/100


Not forgetting the birthday dinner for my dad too, so sorry dad for not getting you anything, didn't know what to get you, hope u'll be happy with the dinner, tho. :P

So that pretty sum it all on why am I so broke at the beginning of this month already!!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Stand Up for PINK

While walking around Bangsar Village II yesterday night looking for dinner, I saw lots of HUGE pink ribbons hanging around the bridge and some poster-like boards with lots of signatures on it and little boxes filled with $$. Well, it's the Breast Cancer Awareness month..


Bangsar Village II bridge filled with huge PINK ribbons

I have a thing for this Breast Cancer Awareness stuffs and immediately I felt like wanna be a part of it to show my support. Therefore, I made some donations and signed my name on a little heart on the board. I felt great that night for doing this. =)


Stand Up for PINK board. Can you spot my signature? :P


What's this, man...? Hahahs


This is me, I'm a part of this. =)

Do your part today, make a donation and show your support for PINK!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

new leather heels


after a long long break from shopping (ehem, clothes & shoes)....
i bought this lovely wild pair of heels for a very very attractive price =D
it's made of 100% genuine leather from Italy and yes, it's really really comfortable.
might be wearing them out for the first time tonight for dinner.
*big smiless*

python heels

size 36

more info of Vero Cuoio Italiano leather sole ->

very comfy, very wild and lethal shoe. me likes!!

i love yoo!

I Love Yoo! stall, The Gardens LG floor

very cheap deal here where you get a bowl of nice hot yummy porridge + a bowl of yau char kwai for RM3.90 nett. 2 thumbs up for this!




I think it's a great concept to open such stall in the middle of town in a shopping centre because personally, I love having porridge & yau char kwai and it's really really hard for me to get this anywhere unless I go to the place near Kajang's wet market early in the morning. Well, that's also because I only know to get it from this place. Hahas.

clubbers reunited

20090926 Phuture, Zouk KL

The last time I clubbed was when the japanese came over which was sometime early Aug. Can't really say that I'm a frequent clubber anymore. Hahahs.

Last weekend was a great one, as though it's a reunion for the crazy bunch back in my previous company. It seems that all of us are all over the place now and it has been almost a year. =)

we were so damn lucky to have the vip place =)

The night was awesome because of the crowd and the people but I personally think that the place was just too crowded. You can't really get to dance when everyone is pushing you here and there, even on the dance floor!

Nevertheless, I had an awesome great night with you people!

Oh ya, we had a birthday boy that night too which I've forgotten to tell everyone that we're celebrating for him. Hahaha! Anyway, this is for you, Happy Birthday Kanzaki. Hope you had a great time! =)