Sunday, October 18, 2009

Uguisu No Fun

heard of it before?
Uguisu No Fun = Nightingale Droppings. It's really no fun.

I heard a lot about this famous "bird poo" facial and found out that somebody actually brought it to Malaysia.
Therefore, I couldn't resist to try.. hahah... got myself a free sample and i'm literally having some bird poo on my face now... Well, no joke.. it's smelly... and it's even worse when u wet it to make the powder into a paste. Smells really like poo. I'm constantly breathing with my mouth now.... Well, 10 more minutes to go before I can wash of it.

More info about Uguisu No Fun, feel free to check these out. Even Victoria Beckham is having this bird poo facial now. =S

1. chidoriyaworld - Uguisu No Fun (Nightingale Droppings)
2. Reuters - Facial with bird excrement...
3. Victoria Beckham loves Bird Poo facials

Okay, I'm off to wash off my face now.. Don't know if I can really see any difference on the first application.

The free sample that I get enabled me to do only 3 applications.
So far, I've only done it twice and both were in the same week.
My verdict is.. this is kinda great as I can see my face really brightened up and I can really say this because before this, my face kinda get tanned after all the roadtrips and holidays...
I'm the kinda person who's not really into whitening products so therefore, my skin didn't really turn white and stayed kinda tanned after that... But with lots of facial masks and this bird poo, my skin doesn't look that dark and dull and is brighter. Kinda satisfied, and I think with continuous usage, u'll get a really nice complexion.
I'm putting this under my wishlist or "things to get". Don't really have to budget to get a whole bottle of it right now.


LOLanne said...

OMG . . . is this for real?? lol. that is crazyyy! i wonder who thought this up!!

im sooo grossed out right now lol ^^

shaynaJo said...

yeah.. cant believe it that I actually put those stuffs on my face.. maybe I should do an update on the results. It's good stuffs and the Japanese geishas were brilliant! =)