Friday, October 09, 2009

help! breakouts..

I don't know if I'm under some stress or hormonal change recently, but I'm having some really serious breakouts on my skin. I really really hate pimples and breakouts. I tend to get so depressed when they came out of a sudden and just won't go away. And the funny thing is, I don't have anything to counter the pimples. I don't have any acne stick, or acne pen, or spot remover, etc. Therefore, I have to fork out $$ and time to get something good that really works.

After some researches, I found out that Tea Tree Oil claimed to be the best remedy for this. Just one catch though, make sure you get the 100% natural tea tree oil and it would be the best if it's made in Australia as that's the origin country that produces this.

I thought of getting it from The Body Shop as that's the first place I can think of. I went to check it out and unfortunately, it's only 15% tea tree oil and it's made in France! Hmmmm... and the SA was not really that friendly, therefore I didn't buy it. That was a really wise decision as I found another brand of Tea Tree Oil in Watson's. :D
Yes, it's 100% natural Tea Tree Oil and made in Australia. And it's even cheaper than the one in TBS.
So, today marks the first day of my application of tea tree oil to combat the breakouts... let's wait for the results.



The brand is Thursday Plantation and you can visit this link for more info ->

Actually, I've been wondering what might have caused the breakouts....could it be..
the new Lunasol foundation?
or the make up base itself?
or the powder?
it can't be the Blanchir range... can't be my HG BB cream.. can't be my toner.. hmm...

Tea tree oil really works a wonder on those pimples!
the stubborn and huge pimples subsided just in around 2-3 days. You can see them dry up and after the dead skin peeled off, your skin is smooth again.
I'm happy with the results and I have been dabbing the oil on the congested area every night and day now.
And, I think I found out the reason for my breakouts... Turned out, it's the cleansing oil and my skin is sensitive to cleansing oil.. I think my skin is not so suitable for the "double cleansing" regimen.. hmmm...