Wednesday, October 07, 2009

october babies =)




Kate Glam Trick Eyes Pallete in BK-1.

Sister's birthday present... I think this is the most expensive birthday gift I bought her so far.
Bought this color for her since she's so into smoky black eyes.

Honestly, I really really felt like swatching the colors on my hand or try wearing them on my eyes. But of course, I managed to stop myself from doing that else she'll hate me and love me at the same time. Hahahs. Cant wait to give it to her and see her reactions. :D
What a good big sister I am... :P

Another expensive birthday present, Gundam Exia Ignition Mode, MasterGrade 1/100


Not forgetting the birthday dinner for my dad too, so sorry dad for not getting you anything, didn't know what to get you, hope u'll be happy with the dinner, tho. :P

So that pretty sum it all on why am I so broke at the beginning of this month already!!