Thursday, October 22, 2009

i've been searching for u..

all this while..
it was a long long wait...

Finally, after so long, I can strike off the "wristlet" from my wishlist. I've been wanting to get one since like forever and it really did took me forever to get the right one. So much patience has been tested here. Finally and finally, I got myself one from Coach. It's the new Op Chainlink design with color combination of purple, grey and dark blue. This is just so brilliant and stylish and I fell in love with it at the first sight. I knew this is the one for me. This is supposed to be my birthday present from "someone". Thanks! =)

Next item, my oxford heels. I admit, I'm a very very fussy person when it comes to fashion be it my clothes, the shoes, bags, cosmetics and skincare. Especially shoes. A slight extra thing/ design on the heels and I won't wanna get it. I want exactly how my mind pictured it. Crazy? That's also why I've been searching and waiting to get the right one for so long! All I wanted was the most basic covered up laced oxford heels. However, people get too creative and came out with peep-toed, two-tones, or fat heels and even funny funny cuts here and there. Thank god I finally found something that my mind agrees with. *all smiles again*