Saturday, August 30, 2008

the love for mascaras

Flamingo vs Relian mascara

I know.. 'Flamingo'?? Yes, both are from Taiwan and so, the names.

Personally, I'm a mascara fan and I love using mascaras. Imagine, these could just help you to get compliments like "Your eyes are so captivating.. ", "are those real? ", "your eyelashes are so nice and natural looking.." Heaps.. those compliments are not the main point, it's just something I do for 'self-satisfaction'. And sometimes, when I get excited making them longer and longer (which could be achieved with these 2 particular brands only) I felt scared at the same time as it would be too 'overrated' kekekkek :D

Trust me, these 2 beat all those that you can get from drugstores, i.e. Watsons, Guardian, SaSa.. blek

What's so nice? Well, it comes in 2 tubes, with one called the "fiber" and another called the "transplanting gel". The fiber just adds in as "fake but natural looking lash" and the gel just compliments it.
Results: Long, lengthy, natural - looking, not clumpy eyelashes lor *



They sit above of all these brands that I've tried using before:

  • Maybeline

  • Loreal

  • Fasio (3D)

  • KATE

  • Clarins

  • Clinique

  • Anna Sui

  • Deja Vu FiberWig (The infamous "IN" mascara which gives the most natural look - as marketed and is known to be the most desired mascara at the moment. But trust me, the Taiwanese's ones are way much better!!)

wasted alot of bucks from the brands mentioned above :D What to do? Hunting for the best mascara all the time... blek. Am thinking of investing in "Majorlica" & "KISS ME" after this =)