Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chacott Finishing Powder Review

Think of Chacott, think of ballet.
At least, that's what I know about Chacott before this :P And how ironic it is that Chacott powder is rumoured to be first produced for ballet dancers. I don't really know if this 2 Chacotts are actually connected but it just makes me wonder.

Hopes this review isn't too long-winded...

Anyway, I took the longest time to decide if I wanna get this powder and I just wanna share with you girls what went through my mind and the concerns I had. Who knows maybe these might just do help for you if you're planning to get it. *wink*

Well, one of the biggest concerns I had was... I don't know what size should I purchase. The powder comes in 30g and a crazy 170g! As for the price (prices might be different for different seller), 30g is selling at RM80 and 170g is selling at RM100. Tell me if I should get the 170g or I'm dumb? Haha. 
But it's just so big and so much that I really think it's crazy. 170g is really alot LOT!  Haha.

Secondly, which shade should I get? I wanted to get the translucent (753) one but unlucky me, it's always out of stock when I've decided to get it. So next, I looked for some sellers who actually sell samples of 5g. Well, I just need to be sure on the shade before I get as much as 170g of powder, right?
In the end, I've tried 756 (makes my skin looks a tad yellowish) and 752 (makes my skin looks a tad reddish) Hahahha. *i  feel funny while writing this* and I've finally settled with 751 which is just the right shade for me.
So yeah, I bought the powder in 751 (170g) for RM80 from a seller/friend who bought it in Japan. =)


Some product info I got from one of the online sellers..

 How to choose the right shade?

The picture above shows a typical of Japanese cosmetics base makeup shades where it is either you're more to yellow tone or pink tone. I personally think that the colors on the chart are quite misleading as 756 is really yellow in real life and makes me look yellowish too. Just as a reference, my skintone is NC25 and some sellers keep telling me that 754 or 751 would be too light of a shade for me. Well, I got my right shade the hard way though...

Another better view of the shades. Hope this helps, though.

And, this is my 751..

Texture wise, this powder is really really fine and gives a soft, smooth and flawless finish. It doesn't look powdery at all. Best of all, it will not get cakey. I've tried applying it with a brush and also a sponge. By using a brush, you get a lighter coverage and with sponge, as usual gives you more coverage. Very much depends on your liking though. I'm not sure if this could cover blemishes or pimples but it definitely covers skin redness especially around the side of the nose area.

Right now, my daily base makeup would be a primer, my BB cream and this powder. I hardly wear any foundation anymore now. I'm still wondering if this is consider a good or bad thing. Hahahs.

What about oil-control? Well, I would say that this powder did a fairly good job. As usual, I blot my face at around after lunch time, say 3-4pm. On the days that I'm wearing this powder, my t-zone doesn't get as oily as other days. However, I still think that Make Up Forever loose powder wins here for oil-control. ;-)

Overall, I like this one from Chacott and I'm using it everyday now. This would probably be a 8.5/10.
I wonder when will I get to finish it. Hehs

Official site:

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

weekend outing + FOTD + OOTD

**Gosh this post has been seating in "Draft" for almost a week.. hahah, my bad**

I had a great date outing last weekend! Went on a full day date, well, not a full day to be exact, but it started off with tea at LeVain Boulangerie Patisserie at Jalan Delima, KL. I cant give you the directions as I don't really know how to get there myself too. haha. Anyway, this place is just so romantic and a perfect place to bring your date to. Not to mention with all the pastries and beautiful delicious looking cakes. They tasted really heavenly too. I would starve myself the next time before I get there so I can try as many different cakes as I want. Enjoy the pics of some yummies we had. There were four of us that day and boy we sat there for so long eating and laughing the day off! =)

The place, the ambience, how cozy, how romantic.. ^.^

The Balcony, too bad the upper level section is closed.

Imma bad food blogger.. i'm so sorry that I've forgotten the names of these delicious tempting helpings :P

After tea, I was supposed to catch Sex and the City 2 but unfortunately for me and lucky somebody, we watched Toy Story 3 instead. It was a great movie after all, SATC another time then, hahs!

The next thing you know, we went for food again, I felt like a glutton the whole day to be honest. Luckily I was wearing a dress, at least I don't feel my waist area getting tighter and tigher. :P
Anyway, we went to this Japanese place in Pavillion - Ichiban Boshi and boy, all I remember about that place was those funny and blur waiters/ sushi makers. Overall food was great, the chair/ couch was great (they made us sit on a 2-seat couch that I cant really pull when I need to get nearer to the bar table =.=''.... but it was kinda cozy though *smiles*), and waiters were making alot of noise near our seat. I couldn't help but had a little laugh by myself.

must have - salmon sashimi, oiishi~~

And now, time for FOTD + OOTD.  *wink*
my outfit of the day. I was in the mood to dress up and I picked my purple chiffon hem little dress that I hardly wear. Haha. Felt really like a girl that day but I still want to keep my 'edgy' style and therefore I paired it with a pair of black leggings + my 'Christian Louboutin inspired' black oxford boots + black big buckle belt.

- Maquillage Moisture Base UV
- Monistat Soothing Chafting Relief Powder Gel
- Dr Jart + BB Cream
- Chacott Professional Finishing powder

- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
 - Jill Stuart Jelly eyes in Platinum Satin
- Kate Spicy Line palette in PK-1
- Majolica Majorca Lash Expander
- Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner in Crash (deep purple)
- Daiso eyebrow coat
- Shiseido crayon eyebrow pencil

- Burt's Bees Beewax lipbalm
- NYX Round Lipstick in TeaRose
- Kate lipgloss in PK-1

last but not the least, a silly face from yours truly :P