Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lunasol & Coffret D'or Haul

**I got poisoned by so many beauty bloggers and reviewers...**

Pardon me if you think I'm more to Japanese stuffs recently. It's just plain coincidence. :P
I've been thinking of getting Lunasol foundation for quite sometime already after reading all the review about it. So, yesterday was the fateful day. I went to The Gardens after work to scout for this star product.

Lunasol is another cosmetic line from Kanebo and this is one of the high end brand in Japan, =P.
I'm even impressed by the story of how they took 7 years to develop and improve the formula of their star product, water cream foundation. =)

My retail therapy:


Lunasol Control Make Up Base & Water Cream Foundation

Coffret D'or Shiny Gloss and other lipcolor samples

Free tote and sample Kanebo Whitening samples

Free Kanebo Whitening Sheet Mask

Coffret D'or CM Eyes in 01 Orange Brown Mix Summer '09 Collection

Coffret D'or Designing Mascara Natural (Dark Brown) & Color Blush (Beige Coral)

Free Coffret D'or Shiny Gloss PK01

i'm so happy and dancing like a rat now admiring all these pretty stuffs. =D

Monday, August 24, 2009


  1. Should I go for the Marc Jacobs' wallet that I love simply because of the name or just settle with a coach wristlet that I have not decided on which one to get?
  2. Lunasol or Paul & Joe foundation? I've been living with foundation-free face for more than a year now. What makes me want to use a foundation again now? Do I really need it?
  3. I am so tempted to get the Maquillage eyeshadow pallete and also the Majolica Majorca quad eyeshadow pallete. WHY??? I have a bag full of pigments eyeshadow. Hmm, maybe I want them in palletes? craziness. Lunasol's Fall collection of eyeshadow palletes seem to be attractive too. Again, do I really need these?
  4. What happen to my shopping list with priorities?
  5. Can I really splurge on cosmetics? How much do I wanna limit myself in spending?
  6. I think I am influenced by chama obou in getting designers' goods. I love those stuffs all along, but never really thought of getting them. Now... I dunno, I'm abit afraid that I might lose control.
  7. I need to talk to someone. someone who will just listen and not comment on anything.
  8. I feel like looking for a new job. But, where? It sucks when I think I'm specialized in SAP, but in a rare module. Hmmm... how.. how...?
  9. I want more $$!
  10. I can't really stand it when my sister is such a big spender when she is not even working and earning her own $$ yet. ish..
  11. I heard this will be a bad year for me but so far from the beginning of the year till now has been real good. Unfortunately, I'm beginning to feel that things might not go so well from now onwards. Bad things have been happening to me in a row for now. Hu... *I'm praying to u, pls.. let me go through this. I believe that things happened for a reason. Always*
  12. I hate it when I have to spend so much $$ to maintain the car. Servicing, batteries, and now, tyres!! Urgh.. I could really use the $$ somewhere else.
  13. Everyone is a sinner. R u one too? *don't lie*

Sunday, August 23, 2009

memories with nihon-jin

pictures bring back memories...
these are some of the pictures that I exceptionally like a lot that will make me miss them real lot..

it seems that the fun we had, the laughters, the conflicts, the conversations, the team discussions, etc were just yesterday...

first time using a japanese laptop. gave me lots of typo.. >.<

first time I see a paper termometer.

first dinner in madam kwan's (table1)
first dinner in madam kwan's (table2)

the boys - all of them are really cute yo..

liu guang's lips after having the squid ink spaghetti

Kanda, Ryusei, me & the plurk gang in Pasta Zanmai =D
serious discussion for next morning's presentation

kurikuririn fed with naan's mint sauce. he said it was real BAD. lol

yapun jais showing off their biceps. I have to say japanese guys really like to show off their biceps =P

yapun jais sunbathing
the boys in petaling street

ryohei & snake
ryusei & me in front of pasar seni

we climbed the batu caves. (chiaki, momo, jenny, kanae, foongming)
my RM10 henna

last night for them in M'sia. drinking session in Irish Finnegan's pub

spot the smokers & pretenders. hahahs

shino chan after drinking the lethal mix whisky. kawaii..
what's happening here? lel was forced to touch liu's chest. lol

Team 2 - happy & relieved after the final presentation (Kanda, Naomi, Jenny, Ryusei, Hiroki)
my team on the last day.. =(

take 2.. funny people

the team with trainer - Brent. Spot the sukebeh.. hahahs

funny kuririn

byebye bluebird~~ lol

sending them off.. me n naomi...

wait for me, tokyo =)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Japan GT Aug '09

Hahahahs.. GT = global training. Boo!

I checked into Boulevard, MidV on 9th Aug 09. *oh yeah, happy birthday, someone. =P*
I remembered I was alone in the room and was nervous about being around 70++ strangers speaking the language alien to me. What more, the tv was showing horror movies/ horror movie clips the whole night. I was expecting to have a Japanese roomate, but it's still fine to have FM with me. =)

I was a shy girl on the first day, seemed like a little girl attending kindergarten on her first day. Thank god to have Naomi who speaks "okay" English in my team. The others were kinda shy on the first day too but we sure did get along pretty well the days after that. *wink*

The whole damn week was a blast for me. Never ever I get to know so many Japanese at one go. People there said that I am "mote mote", well i guessed maybe because I am the only one who couldn't speak or understand Japanese. -.-'''

This is a bunch of fun and crazy and also nice people. I also found out that the girls were crazier than the guys. I remembered a girl grabbed my boob as well on one day after the training. Hahahs.
I really really love to hang out with them, they seemed to be so carefree and open minded and really know how to have fun. I even learnt some Japanese words that really come in handy in real life. Thanks to my 'kareshi'. =P

Me sucks in playing the tourist guide role. Saturday was a great day to bring them around KL but I suffered from the previous night's hangover and I felt like fainting under the hot sun. Luckily, FM was managing the other group of people. But I think I still did a great job, I managed to find my way to Masjid Negara by walking! Phewww!!!

Places we went: Chinatown, Pasar Seni, Masjid Negara, Old Train Station, Batu Caves, Quattro, Phuture (Zouk), Finnegans Irish Pub. (was suppose to also go with them to - KLCC, Luna Bar/ Skybar, Sunway Lagoon, Bangsar..)
Restaurants: Mdm Kwan, Midvalley Ikan Bakar, Pasta Zanmai, Kim Gary, Mamak, Jln Alor, Satay Kajang Haji Samuri, Indian Banana Leaf Rice, etc..

Not too bad, eh?

Japan GT '09

I miss all of you!
Wish to see you again! :D

Friday, August 21, 2009


My mood swing around so much after I got back from the training.
Why? I keep saying it's nothing, but deep down inside of course I know what's the reason. It's just that I hate to admit it.

I'm so disturbed, so confused, so misunderstood and so helpless.
What can I do? What can I say? Should I just leave it and let go..?


Thursday, August 20, 2009

snail mode on...

Still suffering from post-hotel life now.
Still thought that I could just get out from the room and go downstairs for buffet breakfast every morning. Still thought that I can see them...
I even almost forgotten to carry my laptop to work on Tues. >.<

And finally, today I get to have some time at night for myself. Has been drinking & smoking a lot lately during the whole week of training, and Tuesday night was my counsellor's farewell dinner + pool and yesterday night was The Library soft launch but we gave up on the queue for the free drinks and the crowd and headed to Sanctuary to celebrate Han's birthday. Drank and smoked again. Oh no...

Gosh, I miss my japanese people alot, especially people like naomi, kanda, hiroki, liu, shino, kanae, jun, yohei, mash, eri, aya, kunirin, and the most, ryusei..
I really wished that I could fly to Japan now. Hahahs.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

10 days off

busy packing and packing for 10days stay in Boulevard.
Huh... hope i meet some decent japanese. :p

Saturday, August 08, 2009

pork ribs & bar hopping

Pork Ribs, yummss, double yumsSs...

nice & romantic place to be with a date. coming with a friend makes me feel a little out of place, but heck, we enjoyed ourselves so much that we don't really care if there isn't a bottle of wine on our table, or we're not whispering to each other all the time, or even if none of us is carrying an LV or at least a Gucci bag here. :D



Looking at the menu, i see pork, pork and pork!
I was confused for a moment and just let my other friend to decide..

For starters, we had the deep fried cheese cubes with honey. Not too bad, but a little weird for me as the cheese was not really melted nicely in the inside. These will make a good base for your stomach if you have drinking plans later at night. However, I saw the other table ordered a plate full of 'siu yuk' and I couldn't help but stared. Wished that I had ordered that too... :(


As for the main dish, we settled down for the Barbarian PORK Ribs and boy, the dish came and I felt like a barbarian already. The piece of rib was so humongous and I stumbled for a moment on how to get started. We also asked for helped from the waiter to cut our ribs. Hahahahs... Real yumSssss this one here!!



The aftermath of our barbarian moments:


No wine that night, we had some german beer instead.
Great dinner!!

After dinner, we went bar hopping!!! went to 3 different places and drank so much till I could just sleep on the road. :p

Places and the drinks we had:

- Ribs, Vintry, Bangsar; german beer
- Bambo9, TTDI; cocktails - Illusions & Tequila Sunrise
- HQNine, TTDI; cocktails - Margarita & Martini -double shot
- Finnegans Irish Pub, Hartamas; Snake Bite Beer & Cranberry vodka tea?

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

queen helene's

My best buy from Queen Helene's http://www.queenhelene.com/ - Mint Julep masque & Cocoa Butter facial scrub. :D

Yes, we thought that someone is on a shopping ban and is not allowed to buy anything this month. At least, that's what my friend told me and my reply was, "I only ban myself from buying clothes, shoes & bags. Skincare is excluded". Hahahs.

I couldn't stop at the bargain, it's going really cheap and what more, it's a good brand in the US. These 2 are the star buy and I needed a facial scrub badly after I finished my Clinelle scrub. I'm slowly upgrading my skincare products and I'm officially on a mission to look for my HG products. :D

I've been using the Cocoa Butter facial scrub for 3 days and so far, my skin has no irritation or big reactions towards it. It leaves my skin super smooth and soft! And I'm talking bout real soft here! Have to admit that I couldn't stop touching my face after that for an hour.. *imagine me rubbing my face every now and then, hehehs* I have also just learnt from Fuz that we can actually use our facial scrub to exfoliate our lips. Therefore, I tried it today and I was basically scrubbing my entire face + lips. Hahahs. We'll see if I'll get kissable lips in a while after a few scrubbing sessions.

As for the Mint Julep masque, tried it for 1 time and I can't really see any results so far, =p

Monday, August 03, 2009

Vary Pasta

We wanted to go out for a nice dinner after my Adidas run. Slept till around 8pm and managed to wake up just nice for dinner. The first place in my mind was Omitsu Koshi, our usual spot for nice and cheap Japanese food, somewhere near Atria, DJ. Unfortunately, the place was full and the waiters were so buzy that they didn't even notice us standing there. My stomach was growling so fiercely and therefore, we left the place and settled in our 2nd choice, Vary Pasta.

Honestly, the exterior of the place don't look inviting and the place was pretty empty. We were reluctant to go in at the first place but after looking at the menu, we decided to give it a try. The menu looks good, they served Western, Spanish, German and fusion. I think the stars are the grilled lamb/ steaks/ sausages.

We ordered the Seafood Paella and a Hungarian sausage platter. The paella was so so only compared to Cava's paella. Hehehs. Hungarian smoked sausages were real good! Thumbs up for this one here.



Hungarian smoked sausages platter


Seafood paella


Might come back again to try some other dishes. Maybe the steaks or lamb shanks or pork knuckles. :D