Sunday, August 02, 2009

Adidas King of the Road

Adidas King of the Road Marathon, 2009
02 Aug 09, 7am
Shah Alam

My first marathon ever, and unfortunately, I started off with a tough one. Most people said that Adidas marathon is tougher than any other marathon for the reasons being that it has the additional 1KM, finishing time is shorter and medals are limited.
I was in the 11km for 1hour20mins category.

What makes me decided to go for this? Alvin said, "Why are we torturing ourselves like this?"
I personally don't take this as a torture, it's more of an achievement to me. True, the journey was hard and tough, a side of me wanted to stop at around the 8th-9th km, but another side of me told me to keep going. It doesn't matter if I make it on time, I'll be happy enough to finish the whole 11km. I felt the satisfaction and happy for myself while running towards the finishing line. Felt like a champion. Hahahs.

My accomplishment:
Today, I wore the number of F360, ran 11km, finished at 1:30:20.