Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lunasol & Coffret D'or Haul

**I got poisoned by so many beauty bloggers and reviewers...**

Pardon me if you think I'm more to Japanese stuffs recently. It's just plain coincidence. :P
I've been thinking of getting Lunasol foundation for quite sometime already after reading all the review about it. So, yesterday was the fateful day. I went to The Gardens after work to scout for this star product.

Lunasol is another cosmetic line from Kanebo and this is one of the high end brand in Japan, =P.
I'm even impressed by the story of how they took 7 years to develop and improve the formula of their star product, water cream foundation. =)

My retail therapy:


Lunasol Control Make Up Base & Water Cream Foundation

Coffret D'or Shiny Gloss and other lipcolor samples

Free tote and sample Kanebo Whitening samples

Free Kanebo Whitening Sheet Mask

Coffret D'or CM Eyes in 01 Orange Brown Mix Summer '09 Collection

Coffret D'or Designing Mascara Natural (Dark Brown) & Color Blush (Beige Coral)

Free Coffret D'or Shiny Gloss PK01

i'm so happy and dancing like a rat now admiring all these pretty stuffs. =D


chian said...

omg you've gotten yourself so many free samples from your purchase!

also, the gloss looks cute!