Wednesday, August 05, 2009

queen helene's

My best buy from Queen Helene's - Mint Julep masque & Cocoa Butter facial scrub. :D

Yes, we thought that someone is on a shopping ban and is not allowed to buy anything this month. At least, that's what my friend told me and my reply was, "I only ban myself from buying clothes, shoes & bags. Skincare is excluded". Hahahs.

I couldn't stop at the bargain, it's going really cheap and what more, it's a good brand in the US. These 2 are the star buy and I needed a facial scrub badly after I finished my Clinelle scrub. I'm slowly upgrading my skincare products and I'm officially on a mission to look for my HG products. :D

I've been using the Cocoa Butter facial scrub for 3 days and so far, my skin has no irritation or big reactions towards it. It leaves my skin super smooth and soft! And I'm talking bout real soft here! Have to admit that I couldn't stop touching my face after that for an hour.. *imagine me rubbing my face every now and then, hehehs* I have also just learnt from Fuz that we can actually use our facial scrub to exfoliate our lips. Therefore, I tried it today and I was basically scrubbing my entire face + lips. Hahahs. We'll see if I'll get kissable lips in a while after a few scrubbing sessions.

As for the Mint Julep masque, tried it for 1 time and I can't really see any results so far, =p