Monday, August 03, 2009

Vary Pasta

We wanted to go out for a nice dinner after my Adidas run. Slept till around 8pm and managed to wake up just nice for dinner. The first place in my mind was Omitsu Koshi, our usual spot for nice and cheap Japanese food, somewhere near Atria, DJ. Unfortunately, the place was full and the waiters were so buzy that they didn't even notice us standing there. My stomach was growling so fiercely and therefore, we left the place and settled in our 2nd choice, Vary Pasta.

Honestly, the exterior of the place don't look inviting and the place was pretty empty. We were reluctant to go in at the first place but after looking at the menu, we decided to give it a try. The menu looks good, they served Western, Spanish, German and fusion. I think the stars are the grilled lamb/ steaks/ sausages.

We ordered the Seafood Paella and a Hungarian sausage platter. The paella was so so only compared to Cava's paella. Hehehs. Hungarian smoked sausages were real good! Thumbs up for this one here.



Hungarian smoked sausages platter


Seafood paella


Might come back again to try some other dishes. Maybe the steaks or lamb shanks or pork knuckles. :D