Saturday, August 22, 2009

Japan GT Aug '09

Hahahahs.. GT = global training. Boo!

I checked into Boulevard, MidV on 9th Aug 09. *oh yeah, happy birthday, someone. =P*
I remembered I was alone in the room and was nervous about being around 70++ strangers speaking the language alien to me. What more, the tv was showing horror movies/ horror movie clips the whole night. I was expecting to have a Japanese roomate, but it's still fine to have FM with me. =)

I was a shy girl on the first day, seemed like a little girl attending kindergarten on her first day. Thank god to have Naomi who speaks "okay" English in my team. The others were kinda shy on the first day too but we sure did get along pretty well the days after that. *wink*

The whole damn week was a blast for me. Never ever I get to know so many Japanese at one go. People there said that I am "mote mote", well i guessed maybe because I am the only one who couldn't speak or understand Japanese. -.-'''

This is a bunch of fun and crazy and also nice people. I also found out that the girls were crazier than the guys. I remembered a girl grabbed my boob as well on one day after the training. Hahahs.
I really really love to hang out with them, they seemed to be so carefree and open minded and really know how to have fun. I even learnt some Japanese words that really come in handy in real life. Thanks to my 'kareshi'. =P

Me sucks in playing the tourist guide role. Saturday was a great day to bring them around KL but I suffered from the previous night's hangover and I felt like fainting under the hot sun. Luckily, FM was managing the other group of people. But I think I still did a great job, I managed to find my way to Masjid Negara by walking! Phewww!!!

Places we went: Chinatown, Pasar Seni, Masjid Negara, Old Train Station, Batu Caves, Quattro, Phuture (Zouk), Finnegans Irish Pub. (was suppose to also go with them to - KLCC, Luna Bar/ Skybar, Sunway Lagoon, Bangsar..)
Restaurants: Mdm Kwan, Midvalley Ikan Bakar, Pasta Zanmai, Kim Gary, Mamak, Jln Alor, Satay Kajang Haji Samuri, Indian Banana Leaf Rice, etc..

Not too bad, eh?

Japan GT '09

I miss all of you!
Wish to see you again! :D