Monday, August 24, 2009


  1. Should I go for the Marc Jacobs' wallet that I love simply because of the name or just settle with a coach wristlet that I have not decided on which one to get?
  2. Lunasol or Paul & Joe foundation? I've been living with foundation-free face for more than a year now. What makes me want to use a foundation again now? Do I really need it?
  3. I am so tempted to get the Maquillage eyeshadow pallete and also the Majolica Majorca quad eyeshadow pallete. WHY??? I have a bag full of pigments eyeshadow. Hmm, maybe I want them in palletes? craziness. Lunasol's Fall collection of eyeshadow palletes seem to be attractive too. Again, do I really need these?
  4. What happen to my shopping list with priorities?
  5. Can I really splurge on cosmetics? How much do I wanna limit myself in spending?
  6. I think I am influenced by chama obou in getting designers' goods. I love those stuffs all along, but never really thought of getting them. Now... I dunno, I'm abit afraid that I might lose control.
  7. I need to talk to someone. someone who will just listen and not comment on anything.
  8. I feel like looking for a new job. But, where? It sucks when I think I'm specialized in SAP, but in a rare module. Hmmm... how.. how...?
  9. I want more $$!
  10. I can't really stand it when my sister is such a big spender when she is not even working and earning her own $$ yet. ish..
  11. I heard this will be a bad year for me but so far from the beginning of the year till now has been real good. Unfortunately, I'm beginning to feel that things might not go so well from now onwards. Bad things have been happening to me in a row for now. Hu... *I'm praying to u, pls.. let me go through this. I believe that things happened for a reason. Always*
  12. I hate it when I have to spend so much $$ to maintain the car. Servicing, batteries, and now, tyres!! Urgh.. I could really use the $$ somewhere else.
  13. Everyone is a sinner. R u one too? *don't lie*