Wednesday, April 22, 2009

LV Spicy Heels - Spring '09

I love spring + LV

I so love especially these two designs. Love at first sight.

what's the crazy raves about the SPICY HEELS from Louis Vuitton Spring 2009 Collections? Well, maybe you wouldn't understand why, but I do. :P

LV's Spring 09 Collection designed by Marc Jacobs this time around brings lots of african inspired designs which are so exotic and rare and refreshing. This is especially when there are additional touch of beads and tribal inspired fringes and even masks added to the ethnic inspiration. This is really one of the styles that I so so so love very much.

Will I ever get a pair of these? One pair is priced at approx. $2,217.

just look at that.. look at those heels she's wearing...

Now, check out the bags for the Spring 09 Collection ... this is a total breakthrough from the normal and classic looking LV bag. One word, fabulous!
*check then OUT**

*drools* i so want them!

pics credit from Louis Vuitton, Style, Obsessed shoes, Marc Jacobs, RedCarpetAwards

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

pretty umbrellas

What have I become?
Seriously..It's just an umbrella la, my dear!!!
Just grab one from watson's or the Giant lar!!

(I have to nag myself... I can't believe that I still can browse and browse and think of which design I should choose and buy.. My hands are so itchy that I even have to buy pretty umbrellas now? )

Irresistible umbrellas...
which one should be the one?

pics credit to The J Concept

I think I like design no. 4. Hehehs.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

EDC my man

Finally.. the long awaited movie starring the EDC is out in Malaysia soon!!!!

I'v been waiting for this movie since quite a long while already.
gonna drool and drool over the cool face & hot bod. *hehehehs*

The pic I saw from his deleted blog last time:

Some pics for the movie:

yes, i still like him alot despite the scandals.