About Me

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Who am I?
I go by the nickname of ShaynaJo in the blogger's world. My real name is actually Jenny and I'm a Chinese from Malaysia. =)
My birthdate is very significant to me as I believe in horoscope a lot, although I do hope that I do get some proper guidance from it. My horoscope sign is Taurus and my birthday falls on May 20th.

I'm the geek at home who fixes the computers, the printers, the modem, the router and pulled the LAN cable. Imagine that.. hahahha.
People don't usually believe this because most of them look at me as the petite girly girl. Truth is, yes, I am a girl and I do what a girl does and that is why I am indulging myself with all the beauty products. I love beautiful things. It goes with the horoscope too. Haha.

And yes, there's a geek inside of me, as I graduated in software engineering and working in the IT world ever since. However, this is not what I really want to do.. :(