Saturday, August 08, 2009

pork ribs & bar hopping

Pork Ribs, yummss, double yumsSs...

nice & romantic place to be with a date. coming with a friend makes me feel a little out of place, but heck, we enjoyed ourselves so much that we don't really care if there isn't a bottle of wine on our table, or we're not whispering to each other all the time, or even if none of us is carrying an LV or at least a Gucci bag here. :D



Looking at the menu, i see pork, pork and pork!
I was confused for a moment and just let my other friend to decide..

For starters, we had the deep fried cheese cubes with honey. Not too bad, but a little weird for me as the cheese was not really melted nicely in the inside. These will make a good base for your stomach if you have drinking plans later at night. However, I saw the other table ordered a plate full of 'siu yuk' and I couldn't help but stared. Wished that I had ordered that too... :(


As for the main dish, we settled down for the Barbarian PORK Ribs and boy, the dish came and I felt like a barbarian already. The piece of rib was so humongous and I stumbled for a moment on how to get started. We also asked for helped from the waiter to cut our ribs. Hahahahs... Real yumSssss this one here!!



The aftermath of our barbarian moments:


No wine that night, we had some german beer instead.
Great dinner!!

After dinner, we went bar hopping!!! went to 3 different places and drank so much till I could just sleep on the road. :p

Places and the drinks we had:

- Ribs, Vintry, Bangsar; german beer
- Bambo9, TTDI; cocktails - Illusions & Tequila Sunrise
- HQNine, TTDI; cocktails - Margarita & Martini -double shot
- Finnegans Irish Pub, Hartamas; Snake Bite Beer & Cranberry vodka tea?