Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Merdeka Holidays trip

29th - 31st August 2009
Kuantan, Cherating, Bukit Tinggi

It was quite an impromptu trip for me, didn't get much info of the trip and off I went with a bunch of designers. There were 11 of us and we drove all the way to the East coast in 3 cars. Weather was really nice in the morning on the first day. Beautiful bright blue sky with fluffy white clouds. However, once we reached Kuantan town, sky turned darker and it rained once we reached the Teluk Cempedak beach. What a day. Sigh...

We stayed a night in Kuantan town in a bungalow of 7 rooms that costs us RM200. Cheap huh? Did nothing much on the first day as everyone was really really tired. Went to the beach for awhile, had McDs sundae by the beach, had an awesome dinner in Pak Su Seafood Restaurant and the rest of the night was spent playing Wii.

Back to the awesome dinner, the crabs and prawns were really really fresh and tasty! I especially love the salted egg yolk crab the most! We ordered quite a lot till the extend that we were tired of eating the crabs. Hahahs.

2nd day - off to Cherating!
Woke up early in the morning for Curry Mee breakfast and headed to the fisherman's village to shop for some HamYu (salted fish), dried shrimps, ikan bilis and snacks. Nothing really special here and the price was not really attractive tho.

Reached our hotel in Cherating around noon, checked in and lazed around the beach for awhile. Went for lunch in a sucky place where the service was terribad and food came at around an hour later. Worst still, the food sucked too!

Come evening, we thought of going to the beach again, but the sky turned gray and rained after that AGAIN. Why does it have to rain everytime when we're planning to go to the beach? Grrrr!!

Felt wasted as I cant really enjoy the beach, and cant take nice pictures too! Gloomy sky. =(

Dinner was even funnier! We went to a place where the electricity tripped every 15 mins and the auntie of the restaurant hated us as we didn't want to order as much as the portion she suggested. Shrugsss... every restaurant seems to boycott us.. :S Nevertheless, food was cheap tho. Hehs..

3rd day - Off to Bukit Tinggi and baliks!

Monkey or human?

We stopped by Bukit Tinggi for lunch and our first sought off place was the famous Bukit Tinggi BBQ restaurant. However, we reached there at around 3.15pm and again, we were Shoo-ed away!! Why... omg, we really thought all the restaurants were boycotting us. The uncle kinda scolded us with "Cant you read the sign? It says "fully booked". Go back!!" What the ... ..

Therefore, we ended up in the opposite road restaurant. Food was not bad at all but as usual.. it was a long long wait for the food to come..

Overall, it was a great trip although I personally find it a little wasted and bored coz of the weather and time wasted waiting for food. This is more like a jalan jalan cari makan trip than a relaxing one tho. Hmm, I shall wait for Penang and cross my fingers that the weather will be nice this time around. =)