Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kanebo Blanchir

I was given a free sample set of Kanebo Blanchir's skincare range last month when I purchased a big lump sum of cosmetics from Lunasol and Coffret D'or.

At that time, I didn't know what goodness has I got till I googled it up to see what kind of skincare range is that. What a fool I was for my ignorance. Haha...

Turned up, it's one of the latest improved skincare range from Kanebo, Japan that claims to the answer for transculent and clear skin. I read up some reviews from a few beauty blogs and "WoaHH" what a big fool I was to chuck the whole set into the cabinet. :P

Therefore, I've decided to try on the range starting from tonight. It was quite awhile till I decided to start using it due to some reasons. My skin was breaking out quite badly after I got back from my holiday in Cherating. I still think the seafood and the weather and the water caused it. And also, maybe I didn't really clean my face well too.. Sigh.. and again, the breakouts didn't really go away during my Penang holiday. However, thank god, I can say that my skin is getting back to its normal state again now and so, yeah.. tonight is the night! :P

View more info of Kanebo Blanchir's range here -> http://www.blanchir.net/en/brand/index.html

The website is very very informative that even the "usage notes" were included. I like!

I'll update more in a week's time after some 'results'. *wink*