Monday, September 21, 2009

holiday in penang

penang, 12th - 14th Sept 2009

Drove up north to Penang for our small makan trip..
Weather was so so, it rained real heavily on the day we were suppose to have our "water sports" day.. overall, it was a fun trip! =D

leaving on a ferry to the island

first meal in Penang - mee sotong, near Fort Cornwallis

There you go,Fort Cornwallis. We didn't enter it coz we didn't wanna pay for the entrance fees. haha.

strong wind + sand attack near the jetty

the view from my room :D

Nasi Kandar Line Clear

Penang Curry Mee in Fettes Park's stall

some sea snails

morning jog?

the tripod

camwhore fun at 11mm

Some shots from Kek Lok Si, Penang

me, the pro-tographer