Saturday, September 05, 2009

Senjyu sushi

I've been to Senjyu for 2-3 times already and I think I'll rate it above all the other normal sushi chains (sakae sushi, sushi zanmai, sushi tei, etc). Price wise, I think it's moderate and valuable for the quality. :D
I have to say that Senjyu has a wide wide variety of sushi and boy, they're quite creative with it.
Last night was an only-sushi night.

Enjoy the pics *wink* :

Ebi tempura sushi

Tako & Salmon sashimi

all mine! my all time favourite sashimi

foie gras, salmon roe & tamago sushi

close up of the smoked foie gras

Soft shell crab mentaki & tempura sushi

Unagi with black sesame sushi

Lobster salad with caviar handroll

Baby octopus sushi

Our bill came at RM80.50 for 10 plates of sushi and 1 boat of sashimi + Sencha.

One thing that I find it a little frustrating is that the sushis came in real slow...
I don't know who to put the blame on and as I watched the guy making the sushi, I felt bad as he really paid attention to the details and ya, they have really creative sushi, and hence, the wait for pretty and tasty sushi. =)