Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Stand Up for PINK

While walking around Bangsar Village II yesterday night looking for dinner, I saw lots of HUGE pink ribbons hanging around the bridge and some poster-like boards with lots of signatures on it and little boxes filled with $$. Well, it's the Breast Cancer Awareness month..


Bangsar Village II bridge filled with huge PINK ribbons

I have a thing for this Breast Cancer Awareness stuffs and immediately I felt like wanna be a part of it to show my support. Therefore, I made some donations and signed my name on a little heart on the board. I felt great that night for doing this. =)


Stand Up for PINK board. Can you spot my signature? :P


What's this, man...? Hahahs


This is me, I'm a part of this. =)

Do your part today, make a donation and show your support for PINK!