Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Star: Majolica Marjorca Skin Lingerie

Okay, I think it's dangerous when I have lots of time to spend in the shopping mall waiting for someone.
What is wrong with me??
The other day, I went to some pharmacies in MidV hoping to restock my tea tree oil and also with the thought of getting the HadaLabo moisturizer lotion. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the HadaLabo there which I only get to know that it will be launched in Nov at night after that. And, I bought some extra things home with me. Also, I've spent more than what I've expected. I hated myself for awhile then...

So, there, I bought Garnier AquaDefense Gel moisturizer as the susbstitute for the HadaLabo lotion that I didnt managed to get, Majolica Majorca Skin Lingerie and the Pore Cover Press Powder.

I've tried them on for a few days and my verdicts are:

Garnier AquaDefense Gel moisturizer:

To be honest, I didn't expect much from this brand at all after my not so good experience with the Garnier Light moisturizer (yellow tub). However, this gel moisturizer really exceeded my expectations. It felt light and cooling on the skin. Not leaving any greasy or oily substance at all. Perfect for Day/ morning usage before my makeup base or foundation. It's cheap and it's good. =)

Majorlica Majorca Skin Lingerie (my star BUY!)

I didn't know what was this until I read a review in one of the beauty blogs out there about this. Well, thanks to the creative name and my dull imaginations, I couldn't figure out what was this thing for. Haha... Come to think of it... yes, it is a skin lingerie... it's the layer that covers and protects the skin, just like our lingerie. hahahahs.
Well, this skin lingerie is actually a face primer or a makeup base. You apply it to the face right before the application of your daily foundation or powder. This one here works well on me. It's even better than my Lunasol Control MakeupBase I think. My t-zone stays matte till the end of office hour and this simply makes me happier than usual. A must buy me thinks.

Majorlica Majorca Pore Cover press powder

Why did I purchase this thing here? Well, I was thinking of getting myself some loose powder or setting powder to set the face after applying the foundation as my face mineral powder is running low. I ended up getting this after the comparison of all the brands I can find in Watsons. True, this is also the most expensive of all... but, also the finest powder of all.
After the application, skin looks flawless and nice and smooth. However, I think my skin really dislikes powder. It just simply does not go well with powder, no matter how good the powder is. Even Lunasol Skin Fusing powder foundation is not good enough for it. It gets a little cakey around my laugh line around after lunch. Or is it just me? I just can't stand my face looking so matte? Hmmmm... well, it's true that I prefer my face to be dewy and appears more natural. ;)