Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Etude House single eyeshadow

This is the Etude House's Petite Darling Eyes in Metal Silver (WH703). I would say this is my very first purchase from Etude House, haha. Etude House's a Korean brand but I havent read many reviews about this brand before, therefore it didn't really catch my eyes. Somehow, I was attracted to the big SALES signs and many discount signs screaming 50%, 30%, and 20%.

I think I got this one here for 20% less retail price and after discount, it's just way cheap that I was thinking twice or thrice.. or maybe a few minutes long on how many more should I get. Anyway, managed to control myself as I was not alone at that time. What an achievement here. hahahahs.

What I feel about this eyeshadow is, the color is really pretty and pigmented in real life! Different application gives kinda different look I think too. Color wasn't that intense when applied with an eyeshadow brush compared to by using your fingers. But do becareful as some of the glitter or shimmers I would say, will drop off. The texture's quite soft too to my surprise for this kinda price of eyeshadow. I simply think that this might be a steal. *wink*

Overall, very very cheap (RM7 or 8 - USD2?) and pretty decent quality. I might go back to get more colors. =)


freshelle said...

nyx def has great shadows!
too bad they're pricey here in canada =(

shaynaJo said...

yeah, great shadows arent they?
btw, i think you could get it cheaper if u purchase online. there r several sites like CherryCulture.com or www.nonpareilboutique.com =)

btw, i'm following ur blog now =)

shoaib said...

I have seen your blogs. its really good. i am also working on these topics. keep updates.