Saturday, January 09, 2010

doodle time at BoatHouse, TTDI

*we are a Happy Family~*

Doodled by my colleague during lunch time in a very cozy restaurant, where they supplied crayons on the table for us.

Since this restaurant's interior caught my eyes, I think it deserve a post here. =)

boatHOUSE Restaurant, in TTDI, Kuala Lumpur.

let's start with some pictures of the interior.

the food that we ordered.....
(didn't manage to snap all the dishes. This is super difficult when you're dining with very hungry people. Haha)

Mushroom salad - thumbs up!

Cempedak (Malaysia's local fruit - something similar to jackfruit) chicken -
this is something very new to me. Smells really nice of fried cempedak, and the meat was really juicy and sweet. However, the minced chicken was kinda bland..

Seafood platter combo - not mine, but the person said that the portion is too small for him and the food was just nice.

The name is.. The Late Breakfast set. Haha. - this looks yummy and was really yummy. Don't think that these can go wrong with the taste. :P

Lastly, my Grilled Mint Lamb Slivers, wrapped in I don't know, the waiter told me "Potato Skin" ??
Well, this one here was not really that tasty. The lamb was dry and bland.. :(
However, the fries and coleslaw were yummy.

They also serve bottomless in house Fruit Punch for every set that you ordered. I personally think that the food here is just mediacore but this is a nice and cozy place to hang out with some friends for catching up. I think it's also a pub when night comes.


K said...

Wow, great pics! Of course you can link to me!!

shaynaJo said...

thanks alot! =)
I've just started to open up my blog to public last year and started to blog bout my passion in cosmetics, skincare, beauty and photography late last year.
thanks for the support ^.^