Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Coastal Scents vs KATE gel eyeliner

I just got my new gel eyeliner from Coastal Scents in True Black last week. I did some swatches of it and actually wore it out for 2 times and to be honest, I was pretty upset with it.
I just don't get it.... there are so many great reviews about this. Coastal Scents' gel liner is infamous for smudge-free and superb pigmentation.

From the website:
"Gel Liners

24 rich in color Gel Liners have arrived, these apply with ease using an angle liner brush. We were sure to pass out samples to several of our testers who have used these for 2 months. Application is easy, has the ability to design and be creative, lasts all day without smudging or creasing and are highly pigmented."

Before I go into any conclusion, I did a quick comparison between the KATE gel eyeliner I'm currently using now with this Coastal Scents.

Coastal Scents ($6.95 for 3.0g) & KATE ($15-17 for 2.5g). Obviously Coastal Scents is way cheaper here.

Upon application, I have to say that both have almost the same smooth texture. But of course, I've been using the KATE for almost a year now and the CS is brand new. Well, to be fair, KATE might be smoother a year ago.. The gel has gotten drier after a year long.

Pigmentation wise, CS wins hands down. I personally prefer CS' pigmented black rather than KATE's. This KATE that I have, have some tiny glitters on it and I don't really favour them so much.

So, judgement time!
For the smudge test, I started off by using my bare clean and dry finger and I did a quick swipe over the 2 swatches. TO MY HORROR... CS smudged like crazy here. *I was really really shocked, because I actually had some high expectations on it*. Oh well, I couldn't really believe myself that time. On the other hand for KATE, it didn't smudge at all. =)

Look at the picture on how much that CS gel liner smudged... *plain disappointment here*

It got worst when I swiped it with my Mandom makeup remover (will review this soon). I was really really upset with it.. =(

So, my take on it;
Yes to pigmentation, No to smudge free *most important point for a gel liner*, Yes to smoothness.

While I still stumbled upon the quality of this particular gel liner, I went to to look for the product review and yes, I found out that there are some people who were experiencing the same problem as I did. However, majority were saying that these are smudge - free. Why...?

Have we gotten the bad batch? =(
Unlucky me...

p/s: I still think the Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner I used to have few years ago is still the best. =)


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