Sunday, January 31, 2010

OOTD + FOTD + new club "The Opera"

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear a club with the name, The Opera?
Hahahs. For a moment, I thought it's gonna be some theather like club where there's a huge stage with big red curtains and of course, performances or maybe some acting? LOL! I thought of Phantom of the Opera too.. the man with the mask "I think his name was, Erik?" And I remembered I was asking my roommate, who happens to work under the company that owns the club, "Isn't that weird?"

So.. I went to check out the newly launched club in town with a bunch of friends. I had to work overtime that night too, which resulted in going to the club with bad hair + i-am-in-a-rush makeup. Anyway, this was my look that night. =)

That was actually my friend's fedora I was posing with. I still cant get to find the one that I want till now..
A quick one here on what I used on my face.

- Lunasol Control Makeup Base
- Lunasol Water Cream Foundation
- Majolica Majorca Pore Cover Powder
- ELF Golden Bronzer - highlight & contour shade
- Coffret D'or Blush - BE15
- Too Faced Shadow Insurance - *a must if you're going to a club*
- MAC pigment - Copperized
- KATE Gel Eyeliner  - Black
- Majolica Majorca Lash Expander mascara *I don't have time to curl my lashes that night.. resulting in not so nice and not so long lashes.. =( *
- NYX Round Lipstick - TeaRose *my lipstick gone from my lips in this picture. I think that was after drinking some beers*

Anyway, back to the club, there are all together 4 floors with different concepts where the 1st and 3rd floor (dance & stunts) are interconnected and the 2nd floor is kinda hidden and quiet. Suitable for intimate dates imho. Haha. While the 4th floor is the rooftop kind of bar.. something like LunaBar or Skybar.

I still don't really get it on why so many people keep saying that the place sucks. Well, for me, it's decent enough as a place to chill and drink with some close friends.  Maybe not so much of dancing as there's no dance floor around. And yea, I have to admit that the performances *chinese acrobats - plates balancing, body balancing, hoops, ropes, etc* were kinda weird though. I thought there'll be continuous stunts the whole night, well maybe not the whole night but during the happy hours? But every stunt lasted for about 5-10 minutes every 30minute-1hour. Hmmm...

Some of our pics that night:

I think I might go back again just to chill with some very close friends =)


freshelle said...

looks like u guys had a fun time!! woo circus performers lol.

thanks for your comment. you can order annabelle products here:

although i believe u can prob get some on ebay! hope this helps!

Catherine said...

Cute clubbing FOTN! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. =) I think "The Opera" is a really weird name for a club too lol...

Blair said...

Yeah I do agree with you. 'The Opera' is a weird name lol~

e.motion in motion said...

Hey love! Thanks for following<3 Looks like you had fun (;

PixyEla said...

I like your makeup, it doesn't look rushed. XD I think it looks good. ^^ & the fedora is so cute on you. The acrobats sound cool in a club hehe. Looks like you all had a lot of fun. :D

ShoppingAddict said...

Looks like u had fun! xx

Shop N' Chomp said...

Great pics! =) Thanks for following. Am following you too!

Keitai ☎☎ (*゚ー゚) ☎☎ said...

Hi beauty!

Thank you for visiting my blog!

following you now n__n

acutelife said...

lolz...I think of cakes when you mention "opera" XD XD
it's sure nice and decent enough place to hang out with friends :)

glitteryeyesxx said...

Looks like you had a blast! Cute hat! =)

lindah said...

I always look like crap when I go to the club! I think it's mainly because I just got off work and then I'm so rushed to leave LOL ^_^

The pink lippie only looks cute in the picture. In person, not totally cute LOL! && I love that mascara! I won't be able to repurchase for a while because I have like 20 new mascaras to try out but I think I can keep it for another 2 months before it dies on me! ^_^

Musicalhouses said...

I love your hat! I think it's so cute!

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