Sunday, February 07, 2010

Be@rbrick - Gachapin

One of my quirky be@rbricks - Gachapin

This was inspired from a cartoon series Gachapin (ガチャピン) from Japan Fuji TV.

quoted from Wikipedia -> Gachapin (ガチャピン) is a popular Japanese television character who appeared in the children's program Hirake! Ponkikki on Fuji TV. He is a green, bucktoothed dinosaur, and is usually accompanied by his friend Mukku, a red Yeti.

The original one looks like this...

 Have you seen the cartoon before? Is he cute? =)


Blair said...

I've never watched Gachapin! Only Sailor Moon lol ;D

Yep, the Lunasol coffret is sold in KL.

Shanghainese Dumpling said...

Thank you for sharing, I haven't seen the carton before but I've seen those cute little bears everywhere in HK :)

Also thank you for entering into my competition :) Good Luck!!


PixyEla said...

I've never seen this cartoon before but he's cute!!!! XD

LOLanne said...

aww ive never heard of be@rbrick before this... theyre sooo cute!! my bf's little cousins came home from hk with a bunch of these! hehe