Wednesday, February 10, 2010

NYX The Runway Collection eyeshadow

Tell me again and again, how could I resist the low prices of these NYX stuffs?
Well, I admit that I bought this palette without thinking much. All because of the low price, I knew that I have to buy at least one of it. Ohhh.. That's a really dangerous thinking.
Anyway, after much consideration.. I picked this color, Strike A Pose.

The colors when swatched:

sorry, this is with Flash on, else couldn't capture the White color. :-]

My personal thought of this:

Color collection - I could say that I'm pretty satisfied with the color collections in this palette. I am already thinking of the colors to mix and match with. =)

Texture - Alright, this one here is a little tricky. I tried 3 different ways of applying the eyeshadow and all 3 ways gave me different results! I was really surprised. At first, I tried swatching them with my bare fingers. With only one swipe, I couldn't get the pigmentation that I wanted. The swatches above were swiped in an up down, up and down manner. As for when I use the eyeshadow brush to apply the eyeshadows, to my horror, the colors just didn't show up. I was pretty upset at that time. I thought that might because the texture of the eyeshadow are a little more powdery and chalky (especially the lilac, black and white color) compared to the quality of their single eyeshadow. The 3rd way, I finally make use of the eyeshadow sponge applicator that came with the palette. Now, this one picked up the colors well and gave a pigmented finish on the lids. How surprising huh?

Lasting power - I don't experienced any bad creasing without a primer but I'm sure that they don't crease at all providing the lids were applied with eyeshadow primer beforehand eg. UDPP or TFSI. 

Price - I bought this at $3 only. I think I can consider that as cheap?

Will repurchase? - I don't know if I would give another chance for some other colors from this range again because honestly speaking, I was a little disappointed with the inconsistency of the quality of some eyeshadows that appeared to be too powderish/ chalky.


Blair said...

$3? Veryyyyy cheapp :)

Catherine said...

Ooh, the colors are so, so pretty! I've been wondering about these and the pigmentation though... sounds like they'd be too much of a bother for me to work with.

PixyEla said...

The first pic is such nice pigmentation of the eyeshadows. I have the single ones and they work wonders. Even if this is cheap I think I'd skip out on it. Thanks for the review. =)

gio said...

The colors are beautiful! It's a shame they aren't very pigmented though. I guess I'll pass on this, thanks for the review.

acutelife said...

$3 is super duper cheap!! I wish nyx cost the same here too T.T
N I also found applying e/s with e/s applicator gives more fibrant colors X3

amynaree said...

wow $3? that's a great bargain! yeah I heard it was a hit or miss with NYX colors, some colors are great some are just ok!

Can't wait to see some looks with this :) Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog!

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Nice deal! But the palette looks so beauiful! And the swatches are so nice and vibrant!

Lavender said...

where did u purchase this. Online?

thanks for joining my giveaway.

Anita (*swtexcape*) said...

the colours look lovely! but i guess it's better to stick with the NYX single eyeshadows :(

Dea アンドレア said...

$3 only? very cheap.
I would buy rs
I loved here