Thursday, December 31, 2009



How would I summarize this wonderful year?
Well, at the beginning of the year 2009, I was being told that it would be a really bad year for me. Or as the Chinese said, "Fan Tai Sui". Therefore, my mum brought me to the temple and prayed a number of Gods so that it will not be that bad.

I wonder if that actually worked. If you ask me, I wouldn't be emo and list out all the unpleasant things or feelings. I told myself to be positive. I didn't really make any resolution for 2009 and I can't complaint much! :D

Hmm, let's see.. I hope I can be really honest and truthful here. I tend to not let out everything here but I'll try this time.

  • The year started off with a new job with total different environment, different people, different culture and different job scope of course. I was quite happy for this one cause at least, I get bigger paycheck every month than my previous job. Haha. I was glad to be able to join the SAP family. Career wise wasn't really that bad at all. Come to think about it, at least I was involved in projects in this economy crisis. However, things started to slow down real lot till now. I'm waiting for the right time and chance to make a move, though. =/

  • With bigger paycheck, I have a bigger buying power and there goes my hard earn bucks. hahaha. Well, no regrets although I tend to pamper myself a little too much in cosmetics and skincare, clothes and shoes, especially killer heels that some are still kept in the box without having the chance of being worn out. :P  Worst is, I tend to buy lots of expensive gifts for the people I love. I said yes to whatever my mum wants. Huh... I don't really know if this is good after all...

  • Family. I believe things are getting better and better when we get older. Hahah. I enjoy spending time with them, eat out with them, going home and just laughing at everything with them in the living room :D

  • I actually had my very first surgery this year too. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing though. Somehow, the feeling is bizarre and for the first time too, I liked the doctors and the nurses and the place there. Experienced how was it like to go under General Anesthetic and now I'm laughing on how foolish I was to think that I will never wake up again after that. Anyhow, going under this surgery made me lose my navel piercing! I had to take if off since I was going under GA and I couldn't put it back again. That was sad, but oh well...

  • Friendship wise, I think I scored here. First of all, I was introduced to this online community - Plurk, and I made some really nice and close friends. I do think they are really very nice and friendly people. Secondly, I made friends with some beauty bloggers all over the world! Although we're not really that close yet since I'm not really a full time or a famous beauty blogger, but I do hope to have stronger bond with them and spend more time giving comments and so on. I've also made some real Japanese friends! Especially Sho, this guy is seriously one guy that I respect and I felt touched on his sincerity and on how he take our friendship ever so seriously. I truly treasure this guy alot. =). I've also made some effort to keep in touch with some old close friends. Sorry for being busy all the time and not finding more time to keep in touch with u guys...

  • Relationship wise, I got back together with my bf of 5 or 6 years back this year after we broke up last year. I never see this coming at all and I'm letting everything to go on its on flow. Can't say that we just got back together like this without any effort, but after all the pain and turbulences, we realized what's the most important thing. =)

  • In between of that, I met a guy, and this guy was so special, so special in a way of how he made me feel after such  a long time. I've never been attracted to a person as much as to this guy for so long already. Let's see... I think the right word would be "Infatuated". Hahaha.. call me crazy but I have to admit that I was really attracted and fell heads over heels for him. Maybe I just miss the feeling of being 'chased' by a guy and him, really treated me like his everything.  Friends told me he's just fooling around, but well I don't feel that away.. at least I know, at that moment, everything was real. Sad thing is, we both know that we can't possibly be with each other because of different nationality, differeny culture and etc.. Although it was a really really short "relationship" or "fling", it remains in my heart till today. These sweet memories will be kept forever in my heart. "I'm a puppy" =)