Sunday, December 20, 2009

farewell + birthday + syokshock

Jonny is leaving us in A**** finally... Hoooo...
Good thing or bad thing? No more driver, no more cheapskate partner for lunch, etc.. hahhaha
Anyway, I personally think that it's a little funny to celebrate someone's farewell and birthday together.
What is this farewell goodbyes things and happy birthday at one go? Hmmmm....

Anyway, we went to TGI Fridays after our seats are soaked in rain water at D'Italiane Kitchen, Jaya33. Not too bad after all since TGI has the birthday crew. They scared the hella out of Jonny. LOL!!!

Belgian Choc cake from Cake Sense. Something different from the normal SR.
Tastes very yummy and soft. Thumbs UP! =)

"oh no, what the hell are they gonna do next??!!!"

Jonny looks like a real little boy here.. hahahs

So, someone brought over some Chocolate Condoms for the birthday boy in case he got lucky that night. LOL

Anyway, since the night is still young, Wolfie and I went to Brussels, JayaOne for some drinks. Nah... he can't cheat me into taking the Forbidden Fruit again this time. Hahhaha. I had my new cocktail, Julianna Blue, which appeared kinda childish to me coz it's too huge and too BLUE. :P
Don't get me wrong, I'm a "Martini" kinda girl so this Bluish cocktail is a little too fancy for me, but nevertheless, it tasted great of Malibu + Rum, I think. Not a bad choice at all =)

He also brought along this Cigars and started smoking in front of me. Cant help it, but it's funny. Hahahs. It completes the "Mafia" look with no effort at all! *Oppps, :O*

The new cocktail I tried - Julianna Blue

After Brussels, we head to Mardi Gras, where me, thinking and hoping to be able to catch the long - awaited Fashion Show again. Again and again, I missed it. What the @#$%??
Hmm, apart from that, this picture concludes the night tho. Oh ya, I hurt my toe too that night!
Painful as hell and I cant really walk properly and I think I saw blood too..
While driving home after that, I saw a few cars after an accident and that was quite bad. I thought God might have buy some time with me hurting my toe so I won't leave that place in order to skip the accident? Hmmm... talking bout self-comforting.. =)