Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chocolate Lounge - 1U

While it was still under renovation, I already have high hopes for this chocolate lounge as I thought it could be a place where you can get all the best chocolates. How naive. But I still think that when you name something so expertly, you better be good at it, else it's just cheating. Hmmphf..

I can't really remember exactly when did we came for this in 1Utama, but it was on a weekdays lunch where G and I went to Topshops, Dorothy Perkins, etc to shop after ordering our Tiramisu. Poor guys have to wait for us with our tiramisu staring at them.
The tiramisu didn't meet my expectations and I thought that it tasted weird. The boys ordered chocolate drinks which I think were really rich and kinda good. Might come back again, maybe for the drinks only but not the cakes. :)

*chopped off wolfie's head here =P*

*our not so nice Tiramisu*