Saturday, June 13, 2009

Haji Samuri Satay Kajang

Honestly, I've never tried Haji Samuri satay before eventhough I'm from Kajang, hahahs.
Of course I've tasted satays, but all the while I've been a loyal supporter of Restoran Malaysia Kajang's Satay.

So, on Wednesday night after work, my ex colleagues Ray, ChingYin, Emily and I made a last minute decision to try out Haji Samuri Satay Kajang in Damansara Uptown. I was so excited as I thought that I could try the exotic satays - satay arnab, satay rusa, satay bla bla... However, to my disappointment, they only served chicken and beef. They erased all other satays off the menu :(

My verdict? Not so nice as compared to the ones I had back in Kajang's Restoran Malaysia. The peanut sauce is alright but the textures of the meat are so so.. Suprisingly, the price is still the same where each stick is priced at 60 sen as I thought the price has increased.