Monday, June 22, 2009

happy father's day

i bought home a tiramisu for father's day.


i managed to catch dad before he went off to the shop
and he told me we're going to have lunch outside
at his friend's restaurant - the 'Lat Thong' place.
the place which i've heard alot about in blogs and i didn't know where it was
till sunday afternoon.
turned out, i knew this place all along, just that i didnt know the name.
this is the place i get my favorite peanut & cuttlefish porridge since like forever.
popo used to ask me to go tapao from there for her.
i simply love that porridge so so much that no other porridge can replace it.

dad ordered the famous Lat thong (a claypot of hot n spicy soup with fa lam yuk (pork layered with fat slices), the Fa Tiu Chicken and Zhu Kiok Shuen (Vinegar pork? I dunno. :P)

when we asked where r the veges? he pointed to the spring onions. Grrr...


actually, I still do not know what's the name of the shop till now.